About Erasmus

What is About Erasmus?

Studying and living abroad is a huge step but not an unpassable diffuculty. About Erasmus provides opportunities for students who are planning to go on erasmus but lack of information. Maybe you are one of these students.

You may worry about other countries living standarts, accommodation or transportation problems, or which institution you should prefer. The most diffucult part is making desicion but dont wory about it any more!

About Erasmus is here for you with lots of posts which are written by students who have been on erasmus before. These erasmus travellers share their inspiring erasmus memories and experiences with us. Our goal is to act as an erasmus guide for every erasmus lovers. You will find your ideal destination to make your erasmus dreams come true! 

And also there is an another area of course.  If you are feeling erasmus spirit in your soul and saying ‘Life is all ABOUT ERASMUS‘, please share your experiences with us and feel the happiness of helping people!

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Hi everyone! My name is Beyza and I’m admin of  About Erasmus web page. I have decided to create this web site to build a sharing platform. 

With lots of erasmus traveller, we bring erasmus adventures together and share with you. I’m sure you will find lots of valuable information when you read Erasmus Memories articles. So, hope you like it!

Additionally, I’m sharing my experiences on this web site, too. I’m writing about my erasmus process step by step. You can find my articles on Personal Blogs part. 

In addition, if you want to write your erasmus blog, you can!

Also, if you want to get notifications properly, you can JOIN THE ABOUT ERASMUS TELEGRAM GROUP. In this way, you can ASK YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT ERASMUS.

Don’t forget, we are a huge family who wants to help each other and we are waiting for you!


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