Austria – Leoben

Hello! I want to give you information about the city I went to Erasmus, Austria – Leoben 🙂  

Why Did I Choose Montanuniversitaet Leoben?

I preferred Montanuniversitaet Leoben because I was studying Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at YTU and University of Leoben is a very good metallurgy university, which ranks 17th in the Metallurgy department in the world.

Information About Leoben

Leoben is a city with a population of 25,000. It is a place at the foot of the Alps officially like Heidi lives 🙂 It has a very peaceful, clean air and it was not so cold.

How Was Leoben’s Living Standarts?

Living standards of the country are high, everything from kitchen utensils from the furniture of my stay in dormitories Do you believe IKEA stand 🙂 Life is cheap, grocery stores, entertainment venues, cafes was advantageous in terms of cost compared to Turkey for a student. Also, although the city was small, there was a Turkish Market and you could buy any kind of product.

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Night Life in Leoben

I can not say that the nightlife was good because there is one club, but there were 5-6 music bars. But the important thing is to have fun with your friends so I did not feel the deficiency of this and there was a party hall under my hostel, we were always having fun there.

How Many Cities Did I Visit During My Erasmus?

I have visited 30 cities in 18 countries during Erasmus, my favorites are Venice and Amsterdam, I think I love canal cities 🙂 If you live in the middle of Europe and close to the train line, transportation is very cheap, I did not pay more than 8-9 euros for any of my tickets (including plane, train, bus). you can travel very nice very cheaply. Austria – Leoben

How Much Money Did I Spend in Leoben?

My monthly expenditure was 500 euros, an Erasmus scholarship, which was enough for me, but if I made erasmus in capitals like Vienna, it might not be enough. I think for erasmus, you should prefer small towns where you can taste culture more than capital cities and cheap cities.

Transportation in Leoben

Transportation to Leoben is comfortable, after the Istanbul-Vienna flight, you take the train immediately from the airport and you are in Leoben within 2.5 hours. The farthest point in the city is half an hour on foot.

Urban transportation is always done by bicycle, and the dorm gives you free. I recommend that I stayed in Mineroom.

I recommend it to everyone, it was the most beautiful 5 months of my life !!

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