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My name is Gizem. I am an Erasmus student at Cracow University Of Technology (Politechnika Krakowska) which is located in Poland Cracow and my department is Architecture.

CUT is Very Relevant to Erasmus Students

I am very pleased to study in CUT/PK because the school is very relevant to Erasmus students and helps them in every subject such as accommodation, courses. And the other bestpart of that this university has unique courses for especially architecture students.

Before applying you should know that there are many optionsfor courses, you should check the topic and be sure that.

Lets Talk About Cracow

The best part of living in Cracow is that it has many Erasmus students. It means that there are many events for students andyou can meet a lot of people. Also there are a lot of pubs,clubs etc.

How Was Weather in Cracow?

You should know that before traveling to Cracow that city has a bit hard winter conditions so you should get prepared but don’t worry you will get used to it.

Where Did I Stay in My Erasmus Year?

I stay at dormitory. It was cheap and comfortable. I stay a single room in PK dormitory and I pay 520 zloty-115 euro per a month. And you can meet with a lot of people at dorm that’s why I chose to stay at dorm. I never regret because i know that Flats are more expensive and you have less chance to meet with erasmus people. cracow erasmus

Old Town

Transportation in Cracow

Transportation system in Cracow is very good. They created a application which is Jakdojade, for sure that it helps a lot. First days of your arrival you can buy tickets with this application after that you can take your student card from your school and you can use it for public transportation.


In the end, you will be pleased to be an Erasmus student because this experience that you never forget. I am so happy to be in here ‘specially in Krakow’  🙂

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