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Hello everyone. I’m Emre. I am studying civil engineering in Yildiz Technical University. I did Erasmus in previous semestr (2018-2019 Spring) in Brno. Brno is the second biggest city in Czech Republic. I want to share with you some of my experiences with you. Czech Republic – Brno

Why Did I Choose Brno For My Erasmus?

I chose Brno because of its location and economic reasons. If you want to do Erasmus and if your biggest aim is travelling, then I think Czech Republic is a good choice. Because Czech Republic is in the middle of Europe and really easy to access. Brno is really close to Vienna (approximately 2.5 hour) so even that is enough to add Brno to your options.

Another reason is economic condition. In my Erasmus period exchange rate of Euro was really high and it is a big problem for a student. Czech Republic doesn’t use Euro. They have their own currency called Czech Coruna and when I was there 1 TL was worth about 3.5 koruna. The prices in general are not so high if you compare to other Europe cities. I can say more or less same with Turkey. But you have to be ready to calculate the prices in TL. Don’t worry cause your brain will adapt easily because of so many practises.

There is a list of supermarkets in Brno:

  • Billa,
  • Tesco,
  • Lidl,
  • Albert.

My favourites was Billa and Lidl. You should follow the discounts especially for Tesco. Sometimes they had really nice special offers. Fortunately Brno is a student friendly city. There are three different university so they have big amount of student population. Some places have student discount to student ID. Therefore you should get your ISIC Card (student ID which is valid in all Europe) as soon as possible.

Where Did I Live in Brno During My Erasmus Year?

I lived in a dormitory named Pod Palackého vrchem Residence Hall. I had one roommate from Barcelona. You can’t stay alone cause there are no one person rooms but if you are lucky maybe your room won’t be full and can stay alone for the same price. You have to cook your own food. In every floor there are two common kitchen. But if you don’t want to cook yourself, there is a dining hall in the dorm. The cost is about 150 Euro for one month. You have to pay additional fees for every usage of washing/drying machines. The worst thing about dormitory was this price system. But except this disadvantages the dormitory was really awesome. There is a pub called Yacht just in front of the dorm. The friendship atmosphere was really nice.

How Was the Transportation in Brno?

The transportation system is really easy. Trams and busses are the main means of transport. After you get your student ID car, you should take 3 months transportation card. It costs 700 koruna and you can use transportation as much as you want. I don’t recommend you to use transportation without ticket/card. Because they have some people who controls tickets and they are really sneaky. They dress like normal people and hard to recognize them. Czech Republic – Brno


Where Did I Visit on My Erasmus Year?

As I said, Brno has perfect location to travel. There are some companies that makes your travels economic and comfortable.

Also Skyscanner and Omio are good sites to plan your travels. I visited 10 different countries. My favourites was Kopenhag, Florence and Prague.

See you and enjoy the every moment of your Erasmus experience…

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