Czech Republic – Brno

I went to Czech Republic – Brno as my Erasmus destination on 2017’s fall semester. I have chosen this city forwhy it has got lots of opportunities for exchange students, it’s in the middle of Europe therefore I can travel to lots of places from there. Czech Republic – Brno 

There Were Classes For Only Erasmus Students in Brno University of Technology

I am studying Mathematical Engineering at Yildiz Technical University and the relevance of this department at Brno University of Technology was Information Technology department. I have matched all of my courses, then passed all the courses that has been selected. They had got classes for only Erasmus students so it wasn’t really hard to study there.

How Was the Living Standarts in Brno?

The living standarts are quite affordable there, they have got their own currency. Erasmus grant is of course not enough but if we are going to compare with other cities around Europe, it is much cheaper.

schönbrunn palace

How Was the Weather in Brno?

The weather was cold but it is not the most important while you are doing Erasmus, it is all about the people you are with, we are the Erasmus Generation!

Erasmus People Were Living in the Same Dormitory in Brno

I lived in an Erasmus dormitory inside of the university and was one of the best things about my Erasmus part. The monthly fee was 160€ for a double room. 500 Erasmus people were living in the same dorm, next to 1 minute walk away bar was awesome. It was quite easy to meet new people from different nations!


How Was the Night Life in Brno?

Night life was tremendous either because it is a student city and 2nd biggest city in Czech Republic, they know how to party in the places and as I have mentioned before there is a bar next to dorm, we were all hanging around there like in the American TV series. I should not forget to mention about room parties in dormitory!

How Was My Erasmus Experience?

In the end, my Erasmus period was extremely good, I should recommend everyone to go Erasmus, try new things, collect memories. Please do not hesitate to contact me via my social media accounts, I will try to help you!

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