Czech Republic – České Budějovice

Hello, I’m Nur. I studied English Language & Literature at the University of South Bohemia (Jihočeská Univerzita) in České Budějovice (also known as Budweis) with the Erasmus+ Programme in the second semester of 2018. It’s a small city located in the southern Czech Republic. Czech Republic – České Budějovice

Why Did I Choose Czech Republic For My Erasmus Semester?

One of the many reasons I chose this country is that it’s located in the center of Europe so you can easily travel around by bus. Also the currency in Czech Republic is crowns and I think it’s a lot cheaper to live in compared to other European countries.

Another good thing about Czech Republic is that beer is literally cheaper than water in here. So, if you’re going to Czech Republic prepare to drink a lot of delicious beer!

How Was The Weather in Czech Republic?

Being a Mediterranean girl who’ve hardly ever seen snow in her life, the weather in Czech Republic is very cold I would say.

Where Did I Live in Czech Republic During the Erasmus?

During my education there, I lived in a dormitory located in the university’s campus. Czech Republic – České Budějovice

How Was the Transportation and Night Life in Czech Republic?

Transportation is very easy once you learn which bus to take. The campus is not very far from the city center where all the night life and fun is. Although because it’s a small city don’t expect crazy parties everyday.

How Was This Erasmus Experience For Me?

All in all it was one of my best experiences and I’m really glad I chose Czech Republic for my Erasmus. I would do it again for sure. And here is a picture of Black Tower, one of the iconic buildings of Budweis.




Hope you can find some answers about your future Erasmus experience. And if you have any questions just comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Have a nice day!

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