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Hi, I’m İbrahim. I studied Food Engineering in Ondokuz Mayıs University. When I was second grade student I decided to do something in my life. In my third year I went to Prague under the frame of Erasmus+ programme. I went to ‘Czech University of Life Sciences Prague’ Also known as CULS. Czech Republic – Prague

Why Did I Choose Czech University of Life Sciences Prague?

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and is an important centre of culture in the center of the Europe for over a thousand years. Also it’s historical centre as one of the cultural heritages of mankind by UNESCO.

I have choosen CULS because it provides me huge advantages and opportunities by its great location, deep culture with global sphere. And I knew it was going to contribute me as a self developement and international newtorks. I also knew that Prague is one of the best places to be as an Erasmus student. So these were some of my reasons that I’ve choosen Prague. And now I can say that I’ve got it right!

Transportation in Prague

There are basically two options on how to pay for public transport. Either you can buy individual bus tickets for every ride -it gets very expensive- or you can get transportation card. I’m going to mention transportation card. For the transportation card the price is different for students younger than 26 and students older than 26. If you are below 26 you have a discount, if not you have to pay full price. There are three ticket types by duration. Discounted price is for 1 month is CZK 260, for 3 months CZK 720, for 5 months CZK 1200. You can choose which one is better for you. There are 3 metro line, trams and buses mainly in Prague. But please do not use public transport without valid tickets otherwise you’ll have to pay a fine of CZK 800 minimum. Czech Republic – Prague

Where Did I Live in Prague on My Erasmus Year?

I was living in CULS dormitories in the campus. There’re mostly exchange students and foreign students staying in my dorm so it’s actually easy to communicate with people around me. In accomodation you pay seperately for internet connection, for electronic devices, for laundry, for room and for the hot plate. And these’re all together CZK 3400 per month on average. It can be more or less.


How Was The Weather in Prague?

If you are coming Prague from Europe except Mediterranean countries the weather would be fine for you. But if you are coming from mild climate like me it can be a bit cold for you. Then put your winter coats to your suitcase! But anyway you won’t even care the weather while you are enjoying with your life in Prague. There will be lots of events organised by Erasmus Student Network (ESN), also there are plenty of student newtorks in Prague. The night life is quite active. Czechs can make a party of anything believe me. If you are into night life or you are party animal Prague is exactly for you! Czech Republic – Prague

Let’s Talk About Feeding Options…

There are cafeterias and bars in the campus. Also there is student refectory called MENZA where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s around 30 to 50 CZK per meal. Czech people generally eat sour breads, fried pastries with jam in their breakfast. In main dish they prefer garlic soup, potato soup, pork, meat with creamy vegetable sauce and dumplings. They are beer lovers. And alcohol is quite cheap in Czech Republic. If you like alcoholic beverages it’s right place to be. Other than that they have their own coke brand called ‘Kofola’. I didn’t actually like it but you can try it as well.

How Was This Erasmus Experience For Me?

Lastly it was great experience to study in Prague with thousands of students from all over the world. If this article helps you a bit I would be glad. The most beautiful moments are the ones that haven’t happened yet. Please don’t delay your dreams.

If you have any questions about Erasmus just leave a comment or contact me.

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