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My name is Burak and I am currently at Bamberg, Germany. I have been studying at İstanbul Bilgi University and this is my 4th year at the university when we include the preparatory course. Before I start, guys I can say that Erasmus is one of the most important things that you can experience in your life. First of all, you understand that the world does not just consist of your home country. You create yourself a completely different living area and then adapt there. Imagine that you discover an esthetic structures, pubs, natural places and shiny streets almost every day (I do it usually by walking or riding a bicycle. I have been trying to reach everywhere of the city hahaha). Shortly, if you have a chance to go on Erasmus, please do not miss that opportunity. It has been just 2 weeks since I came here but those 2 weeks were really fun and I experienced many things. erasmus bamberg

Let’s Talk About Bamberg…

Let’s talk about my city then. Bamberg is located in Franconia and divided by canals and rivers and it is one of the most brilliant cities of Germany in terms of it’s architecture. The reason for that the city was not damaged that much from the World War because of its region. (It is located in the middle of the country and war did not reach the city that much) So, the structures came as they are until today. Also, the city is protected by UNESCO since 1993. When you walk on the streets, sometimes you feel like it is a fairytale. You see buildings coming from centuries ago and feel the nostalgia. The beer of the city also very popular and because of the fact that there are some amazing pubs like Ahörnla that the Erasmus students gather and have fun on every Thursday.

How Was the Night Life in Bamberg?

The population of the city is kind of low but believe me, you will be surprised when you see the city at night, especially in the areas that people drink. Moreover, of course, there are many fine night clubs such as Live Club, Ludwig and it’s going on. I met many people from all over the world in a short time. The clubs are not that expensive like İstanbul’s. A beer costs like 3 Euros max. Bamberg is an absolutely appropriate place to study in.


How Was the Living Standards in Bamberg?

German people say that the prices (food, beverage etc) are also low compared to the many German cities. I eat meat every day, every single day can you imagine it? It is like a heaven for me hahahaha. I can suggest you get your foods from Aldi and Rewe. I think Aldi is cheaper than Rewe but both are good. Also, there are some EuroShops which is everything cost 1 Euro. You can find almost everything that you need from there and get some gifts for your friends and relatives. About weather, I can say that it is cold right now because we are in October but people living here told me that the weather changes in spring and summertime in a good way.

About Bamberg University

Bamberg University is a deeply rooted university with it’s traditions and the notion of absolute academic freedom. The university has lots of facilities and these facilities are in different areas of the city. I prefer to study at Bamberg University because my teacher from Turkey recommended me some universities and Bamberg was one of them. When I searched a bit about the university I realized that it can be my best choice because I have been studying International Trade and Business. Germany is good at producing and trading goods. Furthermore, the opportunities that the school gave me is quite impressive. For example, we are going to go to some well known German companies to see how they work and also to get to know them. The diversity of the students are good as well. You can see lots of students from everywhere. I met people from England to Argentina, Mexico, France… Even from Taiwan too. erasmus bamberg

 How Was the Transportation in Bamberg?

Bamberg is 63 km north of Nürnberg by railway and 101 km east of Würzburg. I prefer going to Nürnberg first and then going to Bamberg by train. It takes almost 40 minutes. You can go anywhere in Europe by using Bamberg train station (Bahnhof). The station is in the city center so that it is easy to get there. And also guyyyysss, one of the best things of studying in Bamberg is the public transportation of the city is FREE for students. When I say it to my friends studying abroad, they were really jealous of me because they pay like 2 Euros for each time they use the city transportation.

 How Did I Arrange Accommodation on My Erasmus Year?

The university has agreements with many kinds of dorms. I stay at Pestalozzistraße. This place is consist of 4 apartments and there are single and double rooms. In Germany, every student must have their own rooms. Even if you live in double rooms, there will be a door divides your place and your roommate. It is a rule established by the German government. They believe that the best place that students work is their room and there should not be anything that can distract their attention like a roommate.

So guys, if you come to Germany you will have your own room and it is the best I think. When we come back to my dorm, it takes 20 minutes to go to my faculty by walking from Pestalozzistraße. There is a church in front of us. At the first time, it can scare you because it starts ringing suddenly when you do not expect it but you get used to it (It is ringing now too hahaha). There is a huge grass area near the church. We usually sit on the grass and play some games and chill in there. erasmus bamberg
Moreover, there are basketball and football fields in the same area. It is really good to stay in this place for me. I stay in a single room and pay 250 Euros for each month. I think it is an affordable price. Especially people living in İstanbul can understand what I mean. Maybe you can stay in Pestalozzistraße too. erasmus bamberg

Important Things

  • Guys you cannot pay your rent with cash usually in many dorms. Therefore, you have to get a German bank account when you come here. I recommend you to withdraw your money and put it to your German account. Otherwise you pay almost 5 Euros by withdrawing your money from ATMs.
  • Another option of if could be having a TEB bank account. TEB has agreemnets with Deutsche Bank in Germany and you do not pay any transfer fee or etc.
  • You should bring your health insurance (AT11) while coming here. Some of my friends still are in trouble because of they did not take it. If you do not have it you cannoıt go any hospital.
  • Do not walk on the cycle path. In Germany, almost everywhere you can see it. I did not know that when I arrived here first. I walked on the cycle path regardlessly and then an old women yelled at me in German and I was like “Ma’am you are completely right” hahahaha.

Bamberg Is a Good Choise For Erasmus…

Briefly, Bamberg could be a good choice if you’d like to study in abroad and want to spend your time in a peaceful, pretty city. I hope I could help. I am going to try to add something when I spend more time here. Take care guys.



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