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Hey folks!!! I have been to Italy, Benevento for my erasmus almost two years ago so when i was in second grade. It was my dream like everybody but i wanted more than other students cuz when i was in high school i have been to Latvia, Ozelnieki with comenius project, its kind of erasmus but it was just a week so I taste it but I couldn’t get enough.

Location of Benevento

Benevento 3 hours away from Rome by train( i said train cuz it’s cheapest way) so i booked my ticket Istanbul to Rome and its 3 hours too.

How Did I Arrange My Accommodation in Benevento on My Erasmus Year?

First thing first! Where I’m gonna stay? I suggest you to never go to anywhere unless you find a apartment if there is no dorm in your erasmus city. There are so many facebook group where you can find a apartment all around the world, otherwise you gonna pay for estate agent and deposit and rent, that’s a lot.

When I arrive to Benevento a member of ESN came to pick me up and drive me to estate agent but I said I already found my home so thanks, me and some of friends were lucky we didn’t pay anything except first rent. It was 180 euro for a room and there was two other room at my apartment so two other erasmus students. Other Erasmus students who didnt find a home before they came, they paid 600 euro (200 € deposit, 200 € rent, 200 € estate agent). erasmus benevento

Why Did I Choose Italy For My Erasmus Year?

Why did I choose Italy? Honestly, there wasn’t so many option but I’m not regret. I’m studying Tourism Guidance but there is no Toursim faculty in Benevento and I was in Law faculty. But it was okay for me cuz thanks to my ex italian girlfriend I learnt italian so quickly and I passed all my course in italian. Don’t worry about courses you can handle it somehow. erasmus benevento

How Was the Weather in Italy?

Italy exactly has the same weather as Turkey. You can see four season if you gonna stay a year. Italy can be expensive more than other european countries but don’t worry 450-500 euro will be pretty enough per month.

Let’s Talk About Night Life in Benevento…

Even in little town like Benevento you can easily have fun cuz there are clubs everywhere, there is no entrance fee in Benevento for clubs just you gonna pay for what you drink at club but dont you ever think about it cuz its gonna be expensive, make home party and come to club for dance, if you wanna drink at that time after you come to club you can buy a drink from Panini store cuz its much more cheap, they are always so close to clubs all around world and open till late hours.

Don’t Hesisate To Sleep at Airports or Bus Stations…

You wanna interrail?No! I think it’s really expensive for students, there is Flixbus which is really usefull. There is a kind of ticket that so many people even don’t have a clue about it cuz company don’t sell it all the time of year, mostly they sell it Christmas Time. They give you 5 codes which is help you to buy any ticket (shouldn’t be any transfer) and doens’t matter how much it is and you’ll pay only 100 € for 5 code. I bought that codes 3 times, 15 codes so 15 ticket. Keep it in your mind. You can buy it online or from a tourism agent. It’s called interbus. I think interbus better than interrail, try it.

P.S: Don’t hesitate to sleep at airports and bus stations, it’s pretty normal.


Which Countries Did I Visit During My Erasmus Year?

First station most of erasmus students is Paris but so many people going there just for take a photo with Eiffel Tower just like me, i didn’t like Paris either. If you decide to visit  Brussels you can also visit Anatolian Street cuz you will see that all neighborhood is Turkish and they will be so happy to see you and you’ll understand they are so much hospitable when they deny to take money from you for what you eat in their restaurant. I suggest you to visit Balkan Countries cuz when you visit those countries you gonna feel like you are so much rich. Also Poland is really cheap and if you can find a way to stay overnight at Polish students dorms for free thats gonna be awesome but you will be need to know someone who is staying in that dorm. erasmus benevento

Don’t miss any events which is planed by ESN and don’t forget NOTHING LAST FOREVER so be brave and do it well.

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