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Hello friends, I am studying Mathematics Engineering at Yıldız Technical University. When I was in 3rd grade, I studied at Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin in 2018-2019 fall and spring semesters with Erasmus program. Erasmus Berlin

First of all, I want to say that, when I finished the first year, erasmus was like a dream for me. My average was below 2, my English (to me) was insufficient. When I started second year, I was really persevered, I should have had such an experience as I heard from my close friends who went around and researched myself.

To sum up, it may not be all right, but believe me while you are living your dream will be worth all your efforts. Achieve this for your self-confidence.


Why Did I Choose Berlin?

As you know, Berlin is a metropolitan city where people from many nationalities live together and which has all kinds of possibilities. You may notice that while you are traveling, it is different from other German cities, it may not be able to sustain the unique German culture, most of the buildings are new due to the Second World War. But with all these opportunities and the cultural diversity it has, it has attracted me quite a lot.

About School Life and Foreign Language

Beuth Hochshule is actually a college level school. Frankly, I was not disturbed by this. Because it is a school that has all kinds of laboratories and that looks after teacher-student relations very well. Especially if you are an Erasmus student, you have no doubt that they will give you all kinds of help.

In addition to the 2-week accelerated German course offered to us when we start school, you can attend German courses offered by Berlin Technical University. The price is quite affordable, I paid 120 Euros per exchange, which decreases as the level progresses. You can find it in other courses, of course, the fee can be up to 225 Euros per exchange rate.



I stayed in a place like the apart hotel, which has its own room, with 4 people sharing an apartment set by Beuth University. I paid 265 Euros monthly including internet. I had friends who were holding houses, you can see this as an option if you wish. They paid between 350-400 Euros, you only have to arrange the house yourself, the school does not help you in this process. Erasmus Berlin


I think the prices are very reasonable in Berlin. As food and drink, I prepared something myself, preferably at home. But if you want to eat out, this will not be too costly. Presumably, I assume that I even said too much, including the dormitory fee, I had a monthly expense of 600 Euros with food and drink and cleaning costs. It is in your hands to reduce this, there are times when they call Aktion, where there are serious discounts on certain products every day. In the periods when I followed these, my spending decreased considerably. Erasmus Berlin

Transportation from Berlin to Other Cities?

Since Berlin is located at a very central point and the city’s rail systems and airline transportation are developed, you can easily reach other cities with affordable prices and alternative road options.

I share the site I use to help you;

You can also find the codes that give you discounts if you register with the site with the e-mail address you received from the school you attended. Try making your country France for Flixbus, you can find discounts up to 30% from time to time (bonus: D).


Summary of the Erasmus Year in General

The new people and cultures you meet will create a new experience for you every day, and perhaps you will start looking at everything else. You will no longer be closed to innovations, you will be someone who is chasing innovations. You will have the most important feature that a person in life should have: self-confidence.

How Many Countries Did I Travel During My Erasmus Year?

I saw 17 countries and more than 30 cities. I still made great friendships that I talked about every day. I couldn’t get them at any time in my life. I am happy that I got this so early and at the age it should be, I think you should give yourself this chance.

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