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Hi everyone, my name is Egemen. I am a veterinary student from Ankara University. As a person who had his erasmus in 2018-2019 in Czech Republic, Brno I am gonna share with you some of my unique experiences that I had there. So Let the guide begin!

Which University I chose and Why?

As a veterinarian studen from Ankara University I had so many options to do erasmus in Europe such as Poland, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and so on. I chose Czech Republic and Brno because this country always was my dream. I had my erasmus in Veterinary and Pharmaceutical and Sciences Brno and doing your erasmus is kinda more different than other collages of Brno but I am gonna mention about that later why I think so.

I especially chose this school because there was sufficient information on their website and when you look at the location of Brno, you are almost like in the middle of all europe and you can reach so many country just by short bus voyages. erasmus brno


The Living Standards Of Country and The City

If compare the living standarts to Turkey, some things were quite easy, but some of them were not. The costs of living standarts was quite expensive for me compare to my country but when I just travelled to the other countries I realized that actually Brno was the cheapest one among all those places. Brno is expensive for a turkish guy but at the same time it is almost the cheapest one in all europe. So I can strongly recommend this  city 🙂

Here is a list of cheap markets in Brno;

  • Albert
  • Billa

Kounicovy Koleje Dormitory

Kounicovy Koleje is a dormitory used by students of VFU in Brno. If you also study in this university, you will be placed in this dorm too and to be honest, I think it is the best dorm you can find in Brno. The all place is like a palace. It is formed by two block. Erasmus people usually move to the block B and in Block B you stay in flats and in each flat there are two rooms and each rooms you can stay as 2 people. So all flat can be use at most 4 people. Kitchen, toilet and bathroom is common in the flat. Rooms are quite big but kitchens are just a little bit small. But usually the management of dormitory don’t replace you as 4 people in flat. I usually lived as 2 people.

In A block it is the worst. You pay lesser but kitchens, toilets and bathrooms are outside of the room so and it is used common by all block.

In the dorm after 10 pm it is forbidden to make noise and parties. As a party persons of the dormitory I, my roommate and spaniards we always broke this rule that but there is a possibility that you can get expelled. So I just recommend you to be careful about the sounds you make and it is important to know who is having shift in reception that night 😉

About the entrance of the dormitory, no one force you to be here in certain times. You can exit and enter any times. If you wanna sneak someone to dorm, it is technically forbidden but I think many of us sneaked someone they met in the club. And although the strict rules of the dorm, I think no one intervene you to bring someone to have fun after club 😉

And the price we paid for the dormitory was around 120 euro more or less.

The Night Life of Brno

It wouldnt be wrong ıf I say Brno is a  city built just for the night life of students. There is organization called ESN and this organization is preparing parties all year just for you. İf you are a student in VFU, unfortunately there is no ESN that can make you pary but you are free to join other universities’ ESN Parties. You just need to follow the events from facebook. Here are the list and the events that you will encounter during your erasmus;

  • Welcome Parties
  • Fiesta Latina (it is organised once in two weeks and they only play spanish, italian and portuguese. It is the most popular one in all Brno)
  • Halloween Parties
  • Christmas Markets
  • Tram Parties (tram is moving and you all party inside ;))
  • Boat Party (it is organised in Brno dam)
  • UV Party (we paint ourselves and glow in the dark)
  • White T-shirt party ( it is a farewall party that we leave memories in our bodies)
  • Firework Season (in spring there is a firework show every week)
  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Easter


The List of the Clubs you can try;

  • Exit
  • Sono
  • Metro (it is the best club for friday nights. The music is priceless)
  • Lemon (this is a LGBT club for my LGBT readers.)
  • Twofaces (it is a club containing pool inside. Not popular like before)
  • Watt ( I dont like here since it’s shape make the movement harder but as I know they moved fiesta latina here)
  • 7nebe


Transportation is not a big deal here. You can just buy a tranportation card by the help of your erasmus buddy. In each 3 months you have to renew your card and thats all. It saves you from high amount of expenses for each ride and you can use transport limitlessly as long as you hold this card.

If I mention about transportation to other countries, by Flixbus and regiojet you can travel to the other destinations. It is not expensive at all. And travelling in Czech Republic is even much cheaper.

This is the transportation list that you can use for your trips;

  1. Flixbus
  2. Regiojet
  3. Skyscanner (website)
  4. Wizzair(airline company)
  5. Ryanair (airline company)

Here is a practical list of the destination you can easily visit from brno;

  • Vienna
  • Bratislava
  • Berlin
  • Milano
  • Krakow
  • Prag
  • Olomouc
  • Karlovy Vary
  • Budapest

The list of the places you can visit from Prag easily;

  • Roma
  • Brüssel
  • Cesky Krumlov

The list of the places that you can easily visit from Vienna;

  • Barcelona
  • Malta
  • Nice

So this is all folks! If you wanna have more information about erasmus and Brno you can follow me on youtube. I dont have video contents yet but as soon as I get a camera I will upload for you with turkish, english and spanish subtitles 😉

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