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I am Eren from Yıldız Technical University. I will give you some information and experiences about my erasmus and Budapest. I am studying Control and Automation Engineering. I joined the erasmus program in Obuda University at Budapest in the 4.semester. I hope this post can help you. erasmus budapest


Why Did I Choose Obuda University?

Actually, I chose Budapest. Because Hungary is really cheap country when I comparative the other ones. Hungary is placed middle of Europe and you can transport everywhere you want visit. It is small city and the transport is easy and cheap. There are lots of exhibition and festival in Budapest. And also I thought Obuda University will not give hard lesson. I can visit somewhere, I can join exhibition, I can join parties. There are lots of holidays through semester. erasmus budapest



Information About Budapest

It is small and wonderful city. When I walking around the city I can feel happiness. Budapest is divided by 2 by Duna River(Buda and Pest). Buda is touristic area. There are lots of historical places at Buda like Fisherman Bastion (I think one of the best place). There are lots of bar and club at Pest. Obuda university has lots of campus (two of them has just building, it is not like YTU). Electrical and Mechanical Faculties is placed at Pest, they are close to tram 4,6. erasmus budapest

The transportation is easy and variously. You can access everywhere by tram. There are 2 international train station and 2 international bus station in the city. You can also find night bus. There is bus from airport to city center. Student transportation card is 3450 Huf (it is nearly 70 TL) per month. You have to carry your student card while using public transport. Otherwise you can get punish.

There are also lots of Turkish people live in Budapest, you can go Turkish restaurant if you miss your mother’s food. Hungarian is so helpful (sometimes). The culture seems to Turkish culture. The most cheapest market is Penny(like BİM) but sometimes there are discounts in other markets. You should taste goulash soup it is most popular soup in Hungary.

How Was Weather in Budapest?

The weather is rainy and cold until May. End of may, you will see tourist attack to Budapest.

Accommodation and Home Life

First days, I stayed hostel. I paid 6-7 euro per day. I suggest you do not rent lots of day because you will not get payback when you find home or dormitory. And I think you should try to arrange home or dormitory before you go.

I suggest you should stay home. Because you will go to visit around, do your own food and you will be free. I stayed in the city center(Oktogon). It was close to Obuda University, tram and metro lines. I lived with 3 other friends. One was from India. He was so helpful and cheerful friend but there is just one problem “cooking”. You know Indians use spice (too much). Sometimes I pray that he finish these spices now. Other one is from Kazakhistan. And other one from Turkey. We have rules and everyone respects the other ones. We are good friends we visit around in Budapest and also some countries. But I suggest you should select foreign friends for your home. Because your aim is to explore new cultures and improve your English level. I paid 175 euro per month and 100 euro deposit. Home has 2 room. I stayed 5 month in Budapest.

You can also find apart and dormitory. There are lots of options. You can find from facebook erasmus Budapest groups and also website of Erasmus Obuda University.

After arrange your home or somewhere. You should go to immigration office with your contract to get your residence permit.

Night Life and Entertainment in Budapest

Firstly, you should follow Erasmus Life Budapest from facebook. There are lots of notices this page. You do not need to member of them. There are also different party and bar free. You do not need to drink something (like me). There can be boat party. Sometimes University organizes party. You will find festivals in center. I think every week, there are min. one event. Thermal bath is also most popular in Budapest.  I did not go to thermal bath but you should definitely go and there can be party sometimes.

About Education

For me, finding convenient lecture is so hard. I did not match lectures clearly. But I can handle at the end. Lots of lecture did not opened when I was in Budapest.I chose new lectures again. I like teachers. They are so helpful and want to help erasmus students. I studied with Hungarians. I think education is so easy. I did not try to tire my brain to achieve lectures. They are asking what they did. There is no surprise questions. In addition, they are trying to do experiment. Almost every lecture have lab lectures.

Islam and Halal Food on Erasmus

There is one Turkish Mosque and also Arabic Mosque. There is one Turkish Halal market. And Kashmir (Pakistan) Halal market. There is one Turkish butcher. When I miss Turkish flavors. I bought Turkish brands from Turkish market and cooked them. But Turkish market and Halal meat is expensive. After friday prayer, Turkish mosque gives food. And if you will go at Ramadan. You can find free food for iftar at Turkish or Arabic Mosque.

Thought and Advise

Lots of students are anxious about money, language and loneliness. Friends, I think you should definitely live this experience. You wont live this experience rest of your life. I was lonely in Budapest. I visited lots of country lonely and I was not good at speaking English. But I was happy. when I see my memories I miss Budapest. Be brave and go fun. Believe me you will have great time.

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