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Hello guys, I’m participating in the contest from Yildiz Technical University. My name is Yiğit, I graduated from Food Engineering department this year (2019) and when I was in autumn semester of 4th year I have decided to change my life for 6 months! I wouldn’t normally go because we had a music group with serious goals and important works would begin at that time. But the desire for erasmus was always somewhere in me and it was like the last exit before the bridge for me. A friend of mine (Ece Tipigil) was also great effect in this decision I’m sending her a greetings from here 🙂  and, of course, after a painful process, we found ourselves in Bydgoszcz, Poland. erasmus bydgoszcz

Let’s Talk About Bydgoszcz…

When I saw first time Bydgoszcz, the fact that it is an unknown city and a small town immediately triggered my prejudices. But the exchange rate (PLN=Zloty) was satisfying me incredibly. It was also the best choice since I was not going to get grant. Lots of amazing memories have passed from here. We were like a family consisting of 30 people.

Where Did I Stay in Bydgoszcz During My Erasmus Semester?

We stayed Koszarowa 9A  Ds-1 Dorms and rooms were very large and comfortable. It costs 375 Zloty per month. Our ladies at the reception.. I missed them a lot. We travelled over 10 countries with maybe 30 cities. Whatever, enough for the emotionality 😀  Time to inform;

Courses And Holidays in Bydgoszcz

As you all know, passing in Erasmus courses in Poland is less troublesome than in other countries. In Bydgsozcz, I think it could be easiest one 😀 We were going for all courses. But some of them were finished too eary like 2 months before coming back to Turkey. And also final exams were test and so easy to get high score. Therefore, You can easily pass the exams with high scores. They are so many holidays. Biggest one is Christmas, it was like 2 weeks long. And this is the most satisfying period of your erasmus.



Never never never use trams,busses without tickets!  Otherwise you will have yo pay 180 Zloty per person 🙁

And temperatures are so low. If you are going to winter period, you should bring thick clothes and coats.

You will have %51 discount on transportation in Poland after getting student ID. You can go everywhere in Poland with cheap prices by trains. Intercity PKP is the main train company. On website you can make reservation before the board. erasmus bydgoszcz

Let’s Talk About Night Clubs in Bydgoszcz ::)))

Nights in Bydgoszcz was amazing. My fav clubs were Metro and Point. Point is so huge club. It may be crowded and could be annoying for someones. Drinks are so so so so cheap in Poland. Markets, clubs does not matter, its always cheap.

Restaurants Recommedations in Bydgoszcz

  • Manekin ==> They serve pancakes as main dish or sweets. They were so tasty you should visit there.
  • Pizza i Gitara == > Best Italian restaurant in the town. Napolitens were so good.
  • Pierogarnia ==> Famous restaurant for Poland cuisine. You should try Pierogi at here.

How Did I Travel on My Erasmus Year?

Okayyyy. Travel is such an easy activity in Europe. Trains, busses, cheap flights… you have lots of oppurtunities. In Poland, There are some airports which have cheap flight circulation. Katowice, Poznan, Warsaw and Gdansk. These airports have flights starting from 60 Turkish Liras to anywhere in europe. And most frequent of cheap flights is November. Wizzair, Ryanair  companies are very often used as lowcost firms. You should check the websites and download mobile apps. And you can use Skyscanner with the option  ‘To anywhere’. Thus, You can find cheap tickets from the city you specify. erasmus bydgoszcz

You can use Flixbus to connect your routes or travelling in Poland and border countries. If you get ISIC card from Turkey or Poland, you will have %20 and 3 euros discounts on flixbus. And also lots of offers and discounts (foods, museums, events, shops etc.) in many countries.

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