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Hi everyone, my name is Uğur. I study civil engineering at Sakarya University and I was an Erasmus student in Poland – Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy (UTP) in 2019-2020. I seem hear you saying “Why did you choose there?” erasmus-bydgoszcz


Why did I prefer Bydgoszcz?

Well, I’ve actually had no idea about Poland and Bydgoszcz. At first, I wasn’t so excited about Erasmus because I never believed that I could get to Erasmus. So I just chose one of the cities whitout investigating. But I’ve never regretted choosing Bydgoszcz.

Let’s Talk About City Life..

Bydgoszcz is a small city so it’s not expensive. Poland has own currency (1 Euro = 4,5 Zloty). There are a few supermarkets which is very cheap. Some of their names are:

  • Biedronka,
  • Auchan,
  • Lidl.

Trams can get you everywhere you want. I stayed in Poland between October and February so the weather was always cold. There were many times when I wanted to go out but I couldn’t go out just beacuse of the weather. So if you want to go there from temperate regions, dress warmly.  The city has an Old Town where is the most popular place in the city. There are too many restaurants and cafe. There is also a long river passing through the city which is called ‘Brda’ and it’s amazing. There are a few night clubs and pubs that mostly students go.


Night Life in Bydgoszcz..

As I said there are a few clubs in Bydgoszcz and Point Club is my favourite. It has huge dancing area and it is most crowded club in Bydgoszcz. If you don’t like crowd you may prefer Metro or Twenty Club. Drinks are very cheap in these clubs so you don’t neet to get drunk before going club :)) Third day of my Erasmus there was an Erasmus party in Point Club and I still can’t forget that night. erasmus-bydgoszcz



When I registered the university there was an option about if I want to stay in dorm. So I wanted to stay the university’s dormitory and it happened. There are 2 dormitory for UTP, lucikly my dormitory was in front of the my faculty. It just takes 5 min. to go to the faculty from my dormitory on foot. The location of dorm. was amazing, tram station is nearly 10 min. away and there is one of the cheapest supermarket in Poland (Biedronka) near the dormitory. And if you need to go a mall it’s just 15 min. with tram from tram station.

I paid 400 zloty (nearly 100 euro) per month. There is a bathroom and a toilet for 4 room and every room contains 4 people so there is just 1 bathroom and 1 toilet for 16 people. There are no cleaners for room, you have to celan your room, they just clean the floors. And every floor has 1 kitchen which has 4 stoven. I think the best part of the staying in dormitory is location. The others are sucks.

How Much Country Did I Visit During My Erasmus Semester?

I just travelled 6 countries and 11 cities and Prague was my favourite city in Europe. I loved there. The atmosphere of the city was amazing.


I hope you can find what you are looking for in this text 🙂 I hope it may helps you. erasmus-bydgoszcz

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