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Hi ! My name is Sedef and I am currently at Chemnitz, Germany. I am studying Chemical Engineering at Yildiz Technical University, 6th Semester. I was an Erasmus student for one year, 2018-2019. Now, I am doing Free Mover at same university. I applied to extend my education one more semester and I was accepted. This means, it is my 3rd Semester in Chemnitz. I know, you are thinking how it is possible and what Free Mover is? erasmus chemnitz

What is Free Mover?

The meaning of Free Mover is that they can study for one, at most two semesters without being part of specific exchange program. The difference with Erasmus Program is that you don’t take any scholarship or support.  So, I have been in Germany 1.5 years. erasmus chemnitz

About My Erasmus Year..

I am studying Chemistry at Technische Universität Chemnitz now. Normally, my department is Chemical Engineering but in here there is not this department. I have chosen my lectures, seminars from Chemistry (Bachelor-Master) and Advanced Functional Materials (Master) departments. At the beginning, it was really hard for me. Because all lectures are in German and my German skills were not good. I had German Courses A2, B1 and B2 levels. I had to study twice more. Why? All scripts, all notes are in German and I needed to translate from German to English/Turkish to understand. It has been taking long time. After some months, I got used to. I achieved some of them.

Let’s Talk About Living in Chemnitz

I live in Chemnitz. Chemnitz is the third largest city in Saxony after Leipzig and Dresden. Until German reunification in 1990, Chemnitz was called Karl Marx City. Today the city’s most famous landmark is a gigantic sculpture of the philosopher’s head. The city centre has been completely redesigned over the past twenty years and Chemnitz proudl presents itself as the “City of Modernity” with a number of impressive buildings.


The cost of living is very cheap when we compare with other German cities. You can buy all important things and you will end up spending no more than 450-500 €/month. erasmus chemnitz

I’m staying in student dormitory. I am not sharing my room anybody. I have own kitchen and bathroom. I am paying for my room 216 € every month. The rent is including electricity, water, heating and also internet. It is really good for students who stay in dormitory.

All students have to pay 260 € pro semester. It is including semesterticket, student council, studentenwerk, kulturticket. I have student ID Card and with that card I can travel in all Chemnitz and also to Dresden-Leipzig, all Saxony, free. This is very big chance for students. Because Dresden is the capital city of Saxony. There are so many historical places to visit.

I found a job in pharmaceutical warehouse and I am working after my lectures. It is like a part-time job. It helps me for living and also improving my German.

Travelling During Erasmus

I have travelled almost all Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Spain. My favorite city was Straßburg, French city. Straßburg is located at the border with Germany in the historic region of Alsace. I have friends here who are working for car delivery in Germany. That’s why I can visit all German cities. Apart from that, I used often Flixbus and Deutschebahn, sometimes Ryanair. But the train tickets are very expensive in Germany.

And the most important thing you should not worry about the language. They understand you anyway, do not be afraid to do something wrong. Enjoy every moment and enjoy the beauty of being there. 🙂

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