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Hello! I would like to talk about my Erasmus experience in Austria Graz, which I did in the 2018- 2019 fall semester.

I am a Communication Design student at Yıldız Technical University. I studied at FH Joanneum at the University of Applied Sciences in Information Design.

Erasmus in Austria - Graz

About Fh Joanneum:

The Erasmus unit of the school is very interested in international students, they help with any problems. They care about Erasmus or exchange programs. For international students, I suggest you follow the facebook group where they share all the activities and news. Workshops and excursions were frequently held. ESN Graz is very active and you must be a member and follow the facebook pages. I also participated in the orientation program and met my best friends there, it was a lot of fun. I attended the German credit course of the school and counted instead. If you want to learn German, you can choose the course of the school.

ESN Graz also has a buddy program. They direct someone to help you when you first go to the city. I got along well and not to meet at the airport and settle in the dormitory, etc. it was helpful.


Before the course choices, I contacted the teachers by e-mail, learned the course contents and the language of the lessons and made a selection accordingly. In the first two weeks of the school, I chose to attend many classes and decide which courses to take and changed my courses. Many courses are not in German and it is important to choose courses with intensive Erasmus students. Because the teachers change the language of the course according to him.

If you are an Information Design student, I recommend that you take Thomas Radeke’s lessons, Generatives Design and Kunst lessons.



There are 6 universities in this small city and therefore it is also called the student city. There are historical places, galleries etc. in and around Mur River. You can travel to other countries at affordable prices by Flixbus or train. I chose the fall season because of the atmosphere I love winter and at Christmas. The weather was much warmer than I expected. I think it is pleasant in both semesters. I suggest you follow @grazfoodquide and @visitgraz pages on Instagram. For public transportation, download the Busbahnbim app to your phone. There are many art centers, museums and historical sites.

Also, I suggest you to buy the Sim card from a handyshop rather than the market. I bought a sim card that I can fill monthly from any handshop on Jakominiplatz. It has a price of 10, 15 euros per month.

Generally, students are concentrated in many places. Parties are always shared on facebook, you should follow. Everyone is using facebook, I think that even if you do not have an account, it has to be opened to be aware of the city. Facebook groups you can follow:


Let’s Talk About Accommodation in Graz

I also came across many roommates ads. It is generally shared on facebook groups and

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Dormitories in Graz

1. Greenbox West: Greenbox has branches in two different locations, and the other is close to school. I stayed in West. Right next to the school, five minutes walk. It is not in the city center but there is a tram passing in front of it and it is about 10 minutes to the center. There are many supermarkets etc beside it. There is also a Turkish market. Like home, you share the flat. I was satisfied. If you prefer this place, they are making the contract until the end of February and you should talk and insist like november at the latest and ask for its cancellation before February. There is also a gym and sauna. I suggest that you contact the dormitory’s own e-mail address directly and not through Oead, and you will be in direct contact with the dormitory. When I went, the price was higher through oead. I paid 315 euro a month and I had 2 housemates.

2. Neubaugasse: This is one of the most preferred dormitories, you share your room but it is an advantage to be in the city center. In general, the Erasmus parties of the students take place in this dormitory.

I traveled to many countries, I still made friends that I met. I learned different cuisines and saw the works of the artists I love very much. I had one of my best experiences. If you are thinking of doing Erasmus in Graz, don’t hesitate or feel free and give yourself this chance. 🙂


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Erasmus in Austria – Graz Erasmus in Austria – Graz

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