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Hi everyone! I am an electrical engineering student and I am here to tell you about my Erasmus experience in Spain, Jaen. For me the most significant feature of Jaen was it’s calmness and how few people is living there. As a huge fan of peace of mind, I was completely contented by the opportunities that city gave me to spend my time relaxing.  Jaen also has an advantage of having cheap prices and being close to Granada and Madrid.

All My Friends Were Completely Friendly…

I was able to spend my time with the things that I like the most and have fun at the same time. All my friends were completely friendly and open minded. I enjoyed the chance to get to know all the other people from other countries.  After one year of stay in Jaen, it was clear to see that my conception of the differences has changed and I felt my horizons broadened. erasmus jaen

One of the things I would like to recommend you is to learn the language of your receiving country. Starting from your entry to that country, it will help you to make the most of your whole stay. Being able to connect with much more people means learning and enjoying more.


Jaen is a Nice Choice For Travelling…

For the people who have plans for travelling, Jaen is a nice choice. Because you will be able to spend less for many things in Jaen and have much more spared for travelling.  I personally  was paying 140 Euro for rent, 50 euro for bills, 100 euro for food. Generally my expenses were between 300 and 330 euros. So it was possible for me to spare some money for the things that I like to do.

What I like the most about the social side of my Erasmus year was the opportunity to have many houses that I can visit. Nearly all of my friends were living in the apartments and going to another house only to drink something was really enjoyable.

How Was My Erasmus Experience?

I recommend you to be aware of all the beautiful opportunities that Erasmus give you and try to spend as much time as possible having fun and doing the things you like the most. Because personally I don’t think I will be given again any opportunity like this again in my life.

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