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Hi everybody! My name is Elif. I am studying Industrial Engineering at Yıldız Technical University. I was on Erasmus last semester in Germany, Karlsruhe. I stayed 5 months here and spent amazing time.

Let’s Talk About Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe, southwestern Germany, is very small and peaceful city i have ever seen. It is one of the sunniest city although it is located in Germany. It was the first time i had been abroad, but i fell in love with this city. While i was studying at Hochschule Karslruhe Wirtschaft und Informatik, i took the courses from International Program. HsKA is very student friendly university. I prepared that school because of match all my courses. We were studying in the class that include 25 Erasmus students from different countries. And also university gives you oppurtunity to choose courses that is related to different areas. Intensive and weekly classes are available.


How Did I Arrange My Accommodation in Karlsruhe During My Erasmus Year?

I accomodated in a single room where is in Europahaus. It is close to campus and Kaiserstraße (main street) Host university coordinator helped us to find it. You can consult coordinator or check this website Germany is not cheap compare the other european countries but my rent was not so expensive. (€284 per month)

How Was the City Life in Karlsruhe?

  • When you did city registration, you could have the semester ticket for free and get the Welcome Coupons (€50).
  • Germany cares about the recyling and cleaning issues. Garbage seperated and throw out in different bins like plastic, paper, glass, food waste etc.
  • Punctuality and appointment are really important for Germans. You should take an appointment for your paperworks all the time.


Before You Go

  • You should get a health insuarance that is available in Germany. You can take a paper (At11) from Social Security Institution (don’t have to pay for it).
  • Bring with some photos and copies of visa and passport.

After end of my semester, I came home with unforgettable memories from all over the Europe. If you have a chance to go to Erasmus, definetaly do that. Meeting new people and culture, upgrading your CV, discover yourself and living and travelling Europe…..

Best Regards

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