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Hello, I’m Ceren. I am studying statistics at Yıldız Technical University. I spent the second year of my department using my two-semester Erasmus right at the Universität Klagenfurt technical mathematics department in Klagenfurt, Austria. My reason for choosing Austria was to improve German and it is a country that has many options in terms of location. erasmus klagenfurt

About Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt is located in the south of Austria, it is a very quiet and small city. (It has a population of 95 thousand.) There is not much to do as an activity in the city, museum, gallery style places are very limited and small. The best thing to do is spend time at the lake, if you come in the spring. Apart from that, you are dealing with nature sports, options can increase, especially skiing and climbing.

In terms of urban transportation, you can also reach by bus, but there are no extensive networks and after a certain hour, the bus does not pass, I recommend renting a bike or buying a second hand bike accordingly. It is not a very bright city as a nightlife, there are several night clubs, but people do not usually hang out here, ESN will organize parties, entertainment, games for you, usually within the scope of activities in the dormitories.


Accommodation in Klagenfurt

I stayed in a dormitory called Nautilusweg opposite the school. For this, I applied online and selected the room type. We were sharing the room with 2 people, it was inside the toilet and it was 274 Euros per month. Single rooms are 350 Euros. But there are more suitable dormitories too, you can reach the school’s website. Generally, 3 dormitories are close to school, only 1 is a little away. Prices can start from roughly 180 Euros to 360 370 for dormitories. In our dorm there was a shared kitchen for each corridor, and frankly I met most people here, made friends and had a good time. He used every kitchen between 22-25 people.

The dormitory also had a closed car park for bicycles, cars, a terrace, bars, restaurants where we can spend time nearby. The most important feature is that you can take a tour very easily (7-10 min walking distance) very close to the school lake. In the meantime, the issue to be considered is that you should act quickly in applying to the dormitories. They charge an application fee, and usually fill up free of charge. Your money is unburned. (This applies to general Austria because the same accommodation is interested.) erasmus klagenfurt

Let’s Talk About Education…

I took some of my classes in English and some in German. And of course as a block different from the lessons that Turkey is going well and they are generally in English, after going to a 3-4 day course exams or courses that you can easily give a presentation, see receive them. It varies from department to department, but I think you can find English courses in most, especially psychology courses, language courses, computer courses. There are also very interesting lessons. I generally liked his education. I couldn’t teach those lessons because I did not have my own department and had some difficulty in classes such as mathematics. Their exams are different from ours. erasmus klagenfurt

You have practical, theoretical and oral exams to pass a course (usually in German language) and you have to give them all to pass. There are also those who have Midterm exam, but you usually have an exam at the end of the semester and this exam has three different dates. If you fail, you can take the other exam. Almost everyone at the university can speak English very well, teachers usually try to help. In my opinion, do not take a course only in German, first send mail to the teacher and get information.

Although the language of instruction was German in a period, 2-3 teachers said that I could make the language or the presentation of the exam in English. Let me not go without saying, there are homework systems most of the lessons. Some are like projects, but some are weekly (especially mathematics, computers). These appear to be practice lessons already in the system. If you see more than one course, there may be a practical lesson in the list. There are also German courses, 6 hours a week 2 days. These are courses that you can take 9 credit and language or social elective courses, which are easy to pass and will expand your friendship environment and cost 30 Euros. It will make you learn the culture of the ratio and become a little familiar with its language. I say do not miss this opportunity;)


Most people ask me that Austria is an expensive country, how much I spend. Yes, it is more expensive than countries such as Austria, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, but more affordable than Scandinavian Countries, almost as expensive as Germany.

My monthly expenditure was 650-700 Euros. But of course, the way you travel, the frequency depends on your shopping. For example, my kitchen shopping was equivalent to 30 Euros per week. This included fruits, vegetables, beverages, snacks, ready meals, etc. The bus ticket valid for 1 hour was 2.20 Euro, if you are going to use the bus too much (because the school is not very close to the city center, it takes 15 minutes by bicycle and bus takes more time) I recommend you to rent a bicycle or use your city bikes which they call Nextbike 1 Euro.

The Best Part of Erasmus is Travelling…

You can travel easily from Austria to many parts of Europe with Flixbus in general by bus, by bus ÖBB (comfortable trains), inexpensive flights from Vienna (Ryanair and Wizzair) on flights. Klagenfurt is staying in the south and you can reach Vienna in 4 hours by bus / train. But another option is to travel using other airports in Venice. In addition, transportation is also very common in Austria (those who think ÖBB can get discount cards).

Weather in Klagenfurt

Degrees that see the cons in winter are waiting for you, even a part of the lake and the canal that goes to the center of the city freezes and you can see people skating on it. But the beauty of living this is another;) There are days when I saw that it is over 30 degrees in spring and summer and it is rainy at the same time. But Turkey still does not warm up.

Challenging Sides…

Contrary to what I used to have in winter, it was harder for me. In addition, I had to get a residence permit for my 2-term stay and this cost me a lot (about 750 Euros). Because Austria accepts that of your own country as a health insurance (60 Euros per month) and you need to pay 160-180 Euros for extra session procedures. In the meantime, you need to get your residence permit within 3 months of your arrival. Another difficulty is that German has a different dialect than the standard German (Hoch Deutsch), or rather its own dialect. erasmus klagenfurt


If you ask me, no matter where you are, whether you know your language or not, whether you teach or not, enjoy the Erasmus experience. Exchange culture, I met people from countries that I had never dreamed of, learned their culture, made beautiful friendships. Don’t just hang out with the Turks, take the lessons that you can find in the university and not yours.

Have fun 🙂

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