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Hello, I’m Doğukan Koçer from Turkey. I’m doing Master of Economics in Kars Kafkas University. The last semester I had erasmus for one semester in University of Lodz from Poland Lodz.

Why Did I Choose University of Lodz?

I prefer this city and this university because, if I be honest there wasn’t any better option in my erasmus list but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it or I’m regretful. I like it to be student in Lodz. The best part of Lodz is geographical location. Its 3. biggest city in Poland with around 900.000 population and in the middle of Poland. Close to everywhere and its nice.

There are 4 universities in city. One technical university, one medical university, one acting university and University of Lodz.  And I think University of Lodz is a quality one with English education also. There is just one thing about this: all erasmus students, both bachelor and master students have same classes and lessons. So if you are master student everything will be more easy for you because you will not have high level hard lessons like in your home university because level must be also fit for bachelor’s degree students in same class. In my opinion its nice because you can pass lessons with presentations or standart exams and you can travel or have extra free times if you are not unlucky. And also professors are good and open minded people. Especially Professor Maciej Kozlowski from Economics Faculty was a perfect professor and perfect person so if you go there try to have his lessons. 🙂

I think all those informations about university and my faculty is enough.


Lets continue with city and country..

When you visit Krakow, Gdansk or Wroclaw you will think that why these cities are colourful but Lodz is not.. Its because of the renewaling the cities. Lots of cities have had to renewal because of destruction in war times. But Lodz didn’t have destruction and because of that government made investments to other cities instead of Lodz. So there is no old town or too many options to visit or something. But if you have good friends everywhere will be good.. 🙂 And also the biggest forest in Europe is in Lodz. Lagiewniki Forest is recommendable to see it and walk inside of it..

How Was Night Life in Lodz?

About night life there are good clubs. My favorite one was Lordis with real club musics but if you like latin musics and dance you can prefer El Cubano. On the other hand there are Prywadka Dance Club ehich is also nice but some parties are fake and sometimes dj is not good, and Czekolada which has good musics but confined space. But sometimes (generally once a week) Czekolada has options like if you go to club until midnight with 10 people, you can have free enterance, free bottle of vodka, free bottle of soft drink and one party candle :))  And also there are Futurista Club, Theatre Club etc.. Erasmus Lodz

Except clubs, there is a pub which is name is Hell’s Kitchen in Lumumby campus and it will be your second house about hanging out and eating. And also if you like live jazz music you can choose Pop n Art pub. Its also a good pub to hang out. And also there is a Base Camp which is good dormitory. Its privet one and expensive one. It has a common room and generally there is a party in there and even if you are not from Base Camp if you know someone (sometimes even you don’t know) you can hang out in there too. Pretty nice.. Erasmus Lodz


Lets Talk About Eating…

About eating first option is of course Hell’s Kitchen for burgers, pastas, quesedilla, nacho, chicken wings, or some snacks and they have free delivery for Lumumby campus too. They have great workers they are so nice people. You can call and order too. Especially Alfredo pasta is perfect (some Italian people can want to warn you like “pasta with chicken doesn’t exist” but don’t give up and eat this 🙂 ).

And also you should try to Manekin (no:17 from menu 🙂 ). And real pizza for Fornonero (certified from Italian people). For real doner-kebab unfortunutely there is no 100% real but you can choose Zahir Kebab. And for mini Turkish breakfast and some Turkish food, there is Mangal Restaurant but I didn’t like pide, lahmacun and fresh ayran. For last days some of my friend have been Dzien Dobry Cafe for breakfast and they also liked it. Erasmus Lodz

How Was Weather in Lodz And Where Did I Stay?

I was in there for winter semester so weather conditions were generally dark. I saw snow for totally 3-5 days. It was cold but not snowy. I lived in dormitory 11. And I paid 350zl for month. It was a middle degree dormitory. The rooms are for 2 people. But bathrooms are for 2 rooms so one bathroom is for 4 people and dorm 13 is the same.

The best dormitories are 3-5-7. For 3. dorm payment is around 380zl and for 5-7 it is around 450zl per month. For these 3 dorms, rooms are for 2 people with privet bathroom inside of rooms. The worst ones 8-9 because their rooms are for 3 people and bathrooms are for all coridor.

Dorm Parties

About people, I had really nice Polish friends in dorm 11. And we hanged out too much in coridor. Some dorms are lucky about parties and 11 is one them. For example dorm 8 is also a party dorm but its a bad dorm. If you have a good party dorm and nice Polish friends, you will play too many times Kubaczki. You will see what is that.. 🙂

Transportation in Lodz

About transportation, trams are common way and also there are busses. But in first days you when your student card doesn’t exist, you shouldn’t buy student tickets. Only students from Poland can use it so if controllers catch you you can have trouble around 100zl. When you have student card I recommend to buy inside of your student card monthly or for 2 monthes or for 3 monthes ticket and you don’t have to buy or show your card to somewhere. You can go inside of tram or bus and you can just sit and when comtroller come up, you can show your stundent card. And the prices are: one student ticket for 20 minutes is 1.50zl. And 20 minutes tickets are valid for 40 minutes. Monthly price is around 40zl for students. 3 monthes ticket is around 112zl. On the other hand, you can use bicycle or scooter but you should register your credit card or something. And also uber is a good way.

Which Cities Did I Travel?

I travelled too much because of that my expenses were too much. If you know your limit Lodz and Poland is not a too much expensive country. I have been Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Zakopane and Krynica for Poland. If you ask me which one would be best for erasmus, I would have said that Krakow would be best choice. Because I think Krakow is the best city and for traveling abroad, you can use Krakow Airport for closely everywhere. And its second biggest city of Poland and it had lots of investments. On the other hand Auschwitz is next to Krakow and its a place of interest and recommandable. Erasmus Lodz


In conclusion, I had really too much fun with this erasmus and in Poland. But when I was in bachelor’s degree I was in Denizli Pamukkale University and department of English Economics and my erasmus list was including lots of choice. In that situation my first choice was not Poland, it was Italy-Naples or Czech-Praga. Poland was also in list. If you have too much money Poland must be your first because with less money Poland would be best choice. And even you have no money problem, I could again choose Krakow for first choice too. 🙂 Erasmus Lodz

I hope these informations will be useful for you. Have a nice erasmus.. 🙂

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