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I study Architecture at Yildiz Technical University and I was in madrid at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid for one semester. I prefered that University because the importancy of the Spanish language was very attractive to me. Also our university had though contracts with many countries but not with many good universitys. The good thing about making erasmus from turkey is, as i learned, you dont have to write any motivation letter and you get payed better than other countries. Erasmus in Spain – Madrid

Information About Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

So my intention by going to erasmus was more learning new things ( like the language or new social skills) and maybe getting Architecture from another perspective rather than partying or getting lazy. Mostly I achieved my goals but i wasnt that much satisfied with the education there. Yes it was architectural education form another perscpective but in a much more lazier way. So I didnt like the education at school. When I asked my spanish fellows they told me the same: that the schools name (popularity) is ahead of its education. Or maybe I just had bad luck so don’t let me hold you back. Erasmus in Spain – Madrid


Let’s Talk About Living Standart

The living standart is good, i mean its europe it can’t be bad. The supermarket is very cheap. (compared f. e. with germany) The metro card is like a superpower, you pay 20€ a month and you can use the metro up to Toledo limitless. You can drink water from the water tap. The food at the faculty could be a bit cheaper so that we dont have to cook at home and microwave it aftewards in school.  :’) ( yes there are microwaves in school)

Erasmus and Travel

I visited segovia, Toledo, Valencia and Bilbao. I liked the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao a lot and the old Buildings in Toledo.


I payed 390€ for the flat. I had a double bed and a wide room so it was worth. You can rent cheaper for like 300-350€ but I looked at those flats and they are mostly un livable. If you cook by yourself and eat mostly at home than you should spend something around 150-200€ for the supermarket. 20€ for the metro card and 10€ for the sim card (7GB of internet) so minimum 600-700€ of living and additional partying traveling going out etc.


I would recommend you to get a member of ESN because they make cheap travel tours and a lots of activities. Also you can go to the libraries in Madrid in which are much activities too.

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