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Greetings to all, Alican Boztepe. I am a 3rd year student at Yıldız Technical University Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Last year, 2018-2019 academic year fall semester I made erasmus in Czech Republic, Ostrava. Ostrava Czech Republic is the third largest city and has a population of 300 thousand. I would like to briefly share my experiences with you. erasmus ostrava

Why Did I Prefer Ostrava for My Erasmus Year?

I chose Czechia for economic reasons, which is more convenient to visit the geographical location. Transportation to Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria is very easy. Czech currency is used as the currency instead of euro. It is equivalent to approximately 1 euro = 25 groves, 1 tl = 3.8 groves. Prices can say a little more expensive, but cheaper than countries that use the euro from Turkey.

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Information About Ostrava Technical University

I spent 5 full months at Ostrava Technical University. All of the teachers are interested and even if you take that lesson as a private lesson, they never make you victim. There was no such thing as not having a lesson or passing through the air for Erasmusa (let’s grind Poland a little :)). I made great use of all the facilities, including the laboratory course. But they do their best not to leave you from the lesson, if necessary, you can take the exam again for the 2nd or 3rd time. It is one of the rare places I can say that I would go and read there even if Erasmus was not available.

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Where Did I Stay in Ostrava on My Erasmus Year?

Of course, the place to stay was the school dormitory. It has a monthly fee of about 110 euro but does not provide food service. Almost all erasmus students and most of the local students stay at Halls Of Residence (Koleje Poruba). 5 buildings are connected to each other with corridors and there are 2 clubs and a vagoonbar style entertainment venue behind it. There are various activities such as gym, dance hall, music rooms, mini golf course. Right next to the dormitory, there is an urban forest and a 10 km jogging path. You are kindly requested to make friends both Turkish and foreign and hang out, but you will get bored. I seem to hear how to make friends, but leave such concerns aside. Ask yourself for your purpose of coming here and look for fun. According to most people who come to the village, it may seem like we have come to the village but this should not scare you.

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Night Life in Ostrava

Nightlife is at Stodolni Street in the city center, there are bars, clubs and parties every Friday and Saturday. The night club in the dormitory is Vrtule Club, parties are held every Wednesday evening. Rates are based on up to half of Turkey.

How Much Did I Spend Monthly Average in Ostrava?

My monthly expenditure is 600 euro on average. Why would you call it so expensive because I spent most of my budget for sightseeing. I traveled for a total of 25 days, 9 countries and 18 cities and went to transportation and accommodation there. I also went to the same place 2 or 3 times. I traveled to Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. I won’t distinguish it as the place I like the most, I hope you see it and have fun full of it 🙂

I often made the dishes myself, the cheapest Lidl as market prices, then Albert and Tesco. If you follow the discounts weekly, you can make very cheap and affordable shopping. erasmus ostrava

How Was Weather in Ostrava?

Since I love winter, I found it appropriate to come in the fall period. After November, the weather was generally closed and snowy. We also saw minus 10 degrees too. Ostrava is generally a cold and windy city in winter, I do not know what the spring period is like.

How Was Transportation in Ostrava?

I was using trains, buses and planes frequently. Remember to remove the ISIC card from the school. Because RegioJet company makes 75 percent discount on trains in Czech Republic. I issued a monthly card for transportation in Osrava. You can reach 200 TL for 4 months with unlimited city card. I say why take out a card because a 10 minute ticket is equivalent to 6 TL. erasmus ostrava

5 Companies Where You Can Buy a Affordable Ticket for Your Erasmus Trip



Cesky Drahy,



A list of companies that I often use. Opportunities need to be followed. If you want to buy a train for 2 euro and a plane ticket for 5 euro.

That’s all I can think of for now. As far as I remember I may have written wrong or incomplete. You can contact me for information at any time. Thanks in advance for reading, see you soon …

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