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Hello, I am Dİlek Feyza Gözüm. I am a student at Balıkesir University Banking and Finance department. I did my Erasmus in Poland, Bialystok at University of Finance and Management (WSFIZ)

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Why Did I Choose Bialystok for my Erasmus Year?

There are certain places that the school suggest. There were not many options in my school and there was an increase in the euro at the same time. Since the Polish currency was not the Euro, I chose Poland.

Lets Talk About Bialystok

It’s a very small place, you don’t have any trouble getting used to it. This has been advantageous for me because I have always lived in small cities until today, and being in a big place would have forced me. Bialystok is a place where there are easy living conditions for the student. In terms of prices etc. A place to be preferred is a place 2 hours from Warsaw. The dormitories are very nice and the dormitory where I stayed was very good.

Erasmus Memories

When they ask what is the most important thing you have experienced in your life, the first thing that comes to my mind is always ERASMUS. My greatest experience, my first travel abroad, my first boarding, my first train… I experienced many things for the first time thanks to Erasmus.

It is something that everyone who seizes this opportunity should take advantage. At first, I could not get used to the school, of course, we were taking English lessons for the first time, etc. I was afraid if I could not do it, and then I got used to it very well, the teachers are understanding and do their best to make you pass the lesson successfully. The reason I gained my self-confidence may be that I was educated there. Presentations were made many times in front of many people, and I had the opportunity to prove to myself that I could do whatever I said I couldn’t do.


Erasmus and Travel

It is very nice to see other countries, go there and experience that atmosphere. There were nights at the airports, we were sleepless, but we still stood there for 1 day to see another country…

Apart from Poland, I had the chance to see Italy, Brussels, Germany and Amsterdam. I miss those moments as I write this article. Every country was beautiful in its own way, and every place has a different atmosphere. I saw it for a very short time, but let’s say I did. I would like to see more countries, but since I did not want to leave my family in a difficult situation, I was satisfied with this in order not to force money. When I have the chance to go again, I hope I will go to places I cannot see.


Erasmus Advises

My advice to you is that if you can choose the period you will go to, you should go in the Spring Term, instead of sitting in the dormitory in that cold, the chance to travel everywhere is much better when the weather is good 🙂

I wanted to show you some of my memories with photos … I would love to share all of my memories, but I cannot put all of my thoughts and feelings into words.

My Erasmus period… When I could not know its value… You should appreciate yourerasmus time 🙂

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