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Hello everyone, I graduated from Yildiz Technical University – Mathematical Engineering in 2019. When I was in second class, I went to Erasmus to Porto. Compare to other European countries, Portugal is cheaper and it was the biggest reason that I chose Portugal to go to Erasmus. erasmus portugal porto

Let’s Talk About Universidade Fernando Pessoa…

I studied Computer  Science in Universidade Fernando Pessoa for 1 year. Fernando Pessoa was a small and has a family atmosphere so everybody in school were helpful and tolerated to foreign students. Most lessons were in Portuguese but professors explained in English also and exams did not hard to pass. erasmus portugal porto


How Did I Arrange My Accommodation on My Erasmus Year?

I stayed in a house and I found it in website which was recommend by EU Office of Fernando Pessoa. Rent was 290 euro and all bills included. It was close to university and city center so transportation did not a problem for me. Also Porto is a small city, everything is close each other and their metro and bus lines were enough to reach everywhere. As I mentioned before, Portugal did not expensive and 60-80 euro per month was enough to kitchen shopping. With good research, it is possible to find a house 200-220 euros and scholarship can be enough for Portugal.

How Many Cities Did I Visit During My Erasmus?

During my Erasmus, I  visited 13 European countries and more than 60+ cities, participated lots of ESN parties, trips and  I met lots of people and learn their culture and this contributed to my vision. Living and studying abroad for a year changed and raised me and I feel lucky my self to being in Porto and live their lovely culture.

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