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Hi everyone. My name is Selen and I’ll talk about my Poznan erasmus experiences 🙂

Which University Did I Prefer and Why?

My university is Adam Mickiewicz University and it is the 3rd most successful University in Poland. This is why I choose this. Also Poznan is more suitable for students. It is not so big or not too small. Just the right size for me I guess. Also the school’s architecture,Erasmus office everything is so good. They always answered my problems.

My department is English language teaching and I study in the educational studies faculty in Poznan.

poznan erasmus memories

How Did I come from Turkey to Poznan?

I bought a Berlin ticket from Turkish airlines. It was 600 Turkish lira and it lasted 2 hours 30 minutes. There were no flixbus when I was coming here. So to make transit pass, I bought train ticket from ‘omio’ website. It was 25 euro. I firstly went Brandenburg airport. The German police look at my visa and pcr test and my acceptance letter. Then give me back. Then I go hbf train station. It was not so hard to find the station because I went with my friends from turkey and there is trains at Berlin in the down stairs of airport. Train lasted 3 hours. I went to Poznan glowny. There is a shopping mall called avenida. I bought orange SIM card from there. In Poland, train stations and shopping malls are at the same place.

How Was the Country’s Living Standarts?

It is not too expensive. 1 zloty is 2 Turkish lira. This country were so cheap like 3,4 years ago. But it is also okay. There are some markets called Biedronka and Lidl. Biedronka is more like “Bim” 😀 The prices are good. Of course not everything is so cheap. For example the cloth’s prices are really similar in Turkey. So there is no use thinking about this city is so cheap.

Alcohol prices are low. For instance you can find beer for 2-3 zloty.
There are so many shopping malls in Poznan. The 2nd largest mall is in Poznan called ‘posnania’. There are so many döner restaurants also. I firstly suprised 😂

How Was the Night Life?

I can’t go out too much at nights because the places are closed except for malls. Malls also are  closed at 10 pm. But dormitory life is good. Because it is mixed girls-boys. So we hang out at nights drinking something,watching films etc.

How Was the Weather Like?

If you want me to explain the weather in Poznan, yesterday it snowed (05.03.2021) and then sun came out and again snow and again sun. When there is sun it is not so cold. However it is too windy. I was freezing. But as far as I know it will be warmer. I am just waiting.

erasmus poznan memories

Where Did I Live? (dormitory/house)

I stay at jagienka dormitory. It is the school’s dorm. There are also another dorms like Jowita, Hanka and more. But I guess Jagienka is better. When I applied for this school they first send me my acceptance letter then I want the document of staying at dorm to get a visa. erasmus poznan

How Much Did I Pay for a Month?

I pay 460 zlt for each month. I will be staying 5 months. You can pay it from post office. And also if you want you can pay all of them.

erasmus poznan

How Was the Transportation?

I usually use tramway in the city. Moreover I sometimes take buses. There is an app called “jakdojade” you can see all the tram,buses stations and the other things from there. And you can buy tickets from this app. The prices are not too high. For 15 minutes tickets are 2 zlt for reduced. There are tickets spots at stations. In polish it is called ‘bilety’ same in Turkish. You can use your credit card or cash. erasmus poznan


I will go to the countries as far as possible. I just wait for countries to open their door for us 😊

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