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I did my Erasmus in Rome at the University di Sapienza. The reason why I chose this university was that it provided a year Erasmus chance in an incredible city where many students would love to have the chance to live. My department is an industrial product design and my school in Rome was a good choice for my department as it is also famous with architecture faculty. erasmus rome 

How Was Living Standarts in Rome?

The standards of the city was not that good for a capital, the transportation was’t efficient. The metro wasn’t working properly. Beside living in Rome was very costly. As there wasn’t a proper dormitory in Rome, i had to rent a room and the rents were really high, it was around 450-600 euro for a month including bills. My monthly expenses were around 1000 euro including the rent.

How Was Night Life in Rome?

The night life in Rome wasn’t that good, there was only 2-3 proper place for. erasmus rome

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