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Hello everyone! I’m Betül Yaygır. I’m a 4/4 architecture student at Yıldız Technical University. I went to Germany Siegen in the 2018/19 fall term and I was 3rd grade. I studied at Universität Siegen. My department was at Campus Paul-Bonatz-Straße (PB). siegen erasmus

About Siegen…

Siegen is a small student city in Germany. You can see a lot of foreign students here. It’s close to Köln. It takes almost 1.5 hours by train from Siegen ZOB. Around Siegen ZOB, you can shop and eat. Also, Siegen is cheaper than the many other cities in Germany. The water is drinkable so you don’t need to pay for this. The weather is rainy in September and October. Often cloudy weather prevails. The sunny days were few. I was expecting that the weather is cold and snowy in winter, but it was not much different from Turkey.


                                    Brandenburg Kapısı / Berlin

About Transportation…

Siegen ZOB is the center of train and bus transportation. When I want to travel to other countries, I took my tickets from Köln Airport or Köln Flixbus Stations. Because as I said before, it’s close to Köln. It takes almost 1.5 hours by train from Siegen ZOB. After hanging around Siegen ZOB, you can take the bus from here to your dormitory, university, home, etc. When you want to go to university, you have to wait for buses (C111) at Weidenau ZOB.

If you want to travel to other countries, you can use:

Buses: Regiojet (They have hot drink service), Flixbus

Planes: Ryanair (Still can’t believe that I found a ticket for just 5 euros from Köln to Milano)

Why Did I Choose Siegen University For Erasmus?

Well…We came to the weird side of the story. To be honest, I had no idea about this city and university while choosing. I just got into the Erasmus coordinator’s room. The quotas of all the universities in my mind were full. I got really upset but I had to make a choice. I asked if there is a university chosen by any doctorate or graduate student from the rest of the universities. If a doctor or graduate student preferred it, I thought it would be reasonable for me to choose that university too. She said that Siegen University preferred by a doctoral student and that there was a vacancy for one person. So I choose this university. I know that it’s quite weird but this was the best option I could think of at that time.


Colosseum / Rome

About Lessons…

The lessons were in German so the teachers explained what they talked about at the end of every lesson in English. There is no special class for Erasmus students. The teachers were very helpful. My lessons were mostly their elective course. I didn’t have to study too much and I passed all course easily. They also have a German course for free! It can be counted as a credit lesson when you pass this course successfully. (It’s 6 credits btw, it’s worth to take it :)) siegen erasmus siegen erasmus

Where Did I Live?

I was late for the dormitory applications so I decided to live at the house. I lived at a foundation house with 5 people. Rent of a single room was 280 euros. The rent went down to 200 euros because I agreed to share my room with someone else. Invoices were included in the rent. Actually, I wanted to live in the dormitory. Because it’s a great opportunity to meet and live together with foreign people from different cultures. My housemates were Turks who were born and raised in Germany. So that I can not say that I practiced my English too much. I recommend you to live in the dormitory. Plus, the dormitory’s rent was 225 euros, it’s quite cheap.

Other Countries That I Travelled & Suggestions About Travelling…

First of all, you must buy an ESN card from your university. This card has discounts for buses, planes, hostels, etc. I traveled to 8 countries including Germany. (France, Belgium, Netherlands, İtaly, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary) My favorite country was definitely Italy. I visited Milano, Venice, Florence, and Rome. I fell in love with this country.


Venice / Italy

Here some suggestions:

  • You should always check the price of tickets, they can suddenly decrease the price.
  • Please take extra care of your money, phone, cards when you are in Italy. Theft is very common in Italy and very professional in this regard.
  • In Italy, pantomime artists can suddenly show up to your photo frames while you are taking photographs. If you don’t stop and take photographs with them, they can want money for it.
  • Use as little public transport as possible. Always walk. So that you can feel the city.
  • Buy a souvenir from every country/city.
  • Eat Tredelnik in Prag.
  • Eat pizza with tuna fish at Tonnarello in Rome/Italy.
  • Eat tiramisu at Mr. 100 Tiramisu in Rome/Italy.

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