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Stockholm was the city that I wanted to see the most. It’s been a while since I finished my Erasmus Stockholm adventure (well, couple of years :P) but I still find myself looking at the photos from my Erasmus days. I can say that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made and one of the best experience. erasmus stockholm

How Much Money Did I Spend on My Erasmus Year?

I chose Stockholm University, I stayed in Kunshamra- which is just one metro (tunnelbana) station far from my university. I had received 480 euros per month and it was not enough for me to cover my expenses and rent (for sure). I had saved a bit of money so that helped me a lot.

How Was The Weather And Party Life in Stockholm?

Since weather is quite cold, the Swedes have many home/internal/closed area party options, they are quite crazy inside (in a good way :)) you can see loooots of different sorts of parties with different themes all around Stockholm. I also couldnt believe when I saw that there were 84 museums in one small city! erasmus stockholm

How Did I Travel During My Erasmus?

I travelled a lot with my Erasmus friends, we tool Tallink Silja Line and Viking Line Cruises to travel around Finland, Estonia and Latvia (and Aland- a small island). I skated on ice-lake, also in Kungstragarden. As time passed and we reached till the end of the semester the weather got milder and in the end, when it was early June, it was really hot 🙂 (well maybe I had become a bit more like a Stockholmer so I felt as if it was hot 🙂 I joined several trad music fest since I love to dance. In the end, it was great experience and a learning and lots of fun 🙂

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