Poland – Torun

Hi. I would like to mention to you about my Erasmus experience. First of all, why did I prefer to Torun? I had not any idea about Torun. Because I would go to Wroclaw University but I was a master’s student in the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and I needed to find a university about my master thesis experiments. You know because of the laboratory things.  Anyway, then I found a professor from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. They helped so much. And our university signed a bilateral agreement with Nicolaus Copernicus University. erasmus torun

This Will Be an Unforgettable Experience…

Before I leave from Istanbul, I had very suspect about how can I do there, I don’t know about anything about the city. So no one had gone there before from my university and I couldn’t ask anyone how did they go and what did they live there. And at this point, what I will suggest to you..  Never mind everything. You should focus on you will go abroad. You should think you will live experience in there. You will be lost in the street. Sometimes you need to stay outside during the trip. Maybe you can’t find a hostel or someone. It shouldn’t be important. This will be an unforgettable experience. erasmus torun

Poland - Torun

Information About Torun

So let talk about Torun. Torun is a very cheap city. Especially about alcohol. Almost its price equal to water price. The other things such as bread, milk, spaghetti are cheap as well. You know Poland currency is zloty and it is valuable than our currency. But the difference will not be like euro currency. erasmus torun

How Did I Arrive to University?

At first, I went to Torun from Berlin. Because there is Flixbus to Torun from Berlin SFX. It takes almost 4 hours by bus. Totaly I spent 7 hours to go from Istanbul to Torun. When you arrived there, your mentor will meet you.
My accommodation is provided by our university. It will be this way for most of you.

Where Did I Stay During My Erasmus Year?

My dorm was ” Dorm 2″. It was in the city center. Its price was 400 zloty per month. But the bathroom and beds are very comfortable. Don’t be worry about that. Already there is no much dorm in Torun 🙂

How Was Night Life in Torun?

The nightlife in Torun was good. You can be sure of that. I was hanging out at 3 or 4 clubs in Torun. Some of them were a little small place but it was fun and cheap. My favorite club was Nr1. But if you like techno music you can prefer to NRD club.

When you go there probably you will realize the “Manekin”. I think that it is the best restaurant. Especially the Manekin pancake was very delicious. Maybe you want to karaoke then you can go to the “Kadr” pub.

House of Nicolaus Copernicus, Museum of Piernika and Planetarium are among you need to visit. There is a lot of museums in Torun. You can prefer you want or you can go all of them 🙂

torun erasmus

How Was Transportation in Torun?

Transportation is so easy in the city. You can go everywhere in the city by tram. And the transportation price is very feasible for students.

How Was Weather in Torun?

And of course, the weather is cold in Torun.. Especially at night. But you get used to the weather. It is not a problem.

Erasmus Will Be the Best Time in Your Life…

You shouldn’t come to your home if you don’t visit all of Poland’s cities. And some of the European cities 🙂 I hope you visit everywhere in Europe. I had no chance because of my hard work in the laboratory.. I hope you would so fun and visit everywhere. You should be sure the Erasmus will be the best time in your life.

Live the moment! Don’t think much.

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