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Hello Everybody, I’m Selen Altuneli.I’m a senior student in Industrial Engineering at Yildiz Technical University. My Erasmus journey was in Giessen/Germany for 5 months last semester. I studied at Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) in Logistikmanagement department. My lessons was in other campur Friedberg but I chose to live in Giessen. Giessen is bigger and developed city than Friedberg. It takes one hour from my dormitory to the campus. Because I am used to it in my life, that was not a problem for me. Germany – Giessen

Let’s Talk About Giessen…

Giessen is a small student city in Germany. It includes 2 universities (THM and Justus Liebig University). It’s close to Frankfurt taking one hour by train. It’s very important because you may not find something you need to in Giessen or most of busses leave from Frankfurt. However, Giessen is a very peaceful and safe city.

Why Did I Choose Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen For My Erasmus Year?

I chose this university because it was close to my aunt. This was the first time I lived abroad and alone, that’s why I took advantage of my aunt. I lived in Eichendorffring which is the biggest dormitory in Giessen. There is a bus in front of the dorm in every 15 mins weekdays. This makes life very easy in there. In addition to this, you can buy or rent a bicycle. Riding a bicycle is very easy in Europe rather than Turkey.

How Much Eichendorffring Dormitory Cost?

Dormitory cost was 251 euro per month. You have to pay a deposit before you come here, but they pay back your money if you leave your room clean and sturdy. (They check your room when you leave.)

In Eichendorffring, there are lots of buildings. I stayed at the oldest one because Erasmus students are not permanent. In every floor, there are 3 corridors and in every corridor there are approx. 14 rooms. You are alone in your room but kitchen and bathroom is common use. First time, it seems like scary but you are used to it and kitchen is a good place to socialize in your first time. You can find friends from any country you want in there. Of course, parties are the key point of Erasmus 😀 You can always find or make a party in dorm or the other dormitories. And also there are several clubs Giessen.

Lessons at Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen

Lessons were in English. You study with other students in THM. There is no special class for Erasmus student. Teachers was very helpful to me. My lessons were their elective course. That’s why there were maximum 20 students in classroom. Almost every teacher gave assignments. It was good because I didn’t have to study too much and I passed my all course easily.

Is Germany Affordable Country to Travel for Erasmus Students?

Germany is a cheap country to leave and travel. Trains can be expensive if you don’t travel with group. You can use this websites to travel in Europe,

How Many Country Did I Visit on My Erasmus Year?

I was lucky, I found 1 euro tickets from Frankfurt to Berlin/Munich etc. via Blablabus. Blablabus was new and they wanted to announce themselves. You should buy a ESN Card in Frankfurt. There are discounts for Flixbus and Ryanair. I travelled 11 countries and approx. 40 cities.

Don’t hestitate to travel even if you are alone! You can meet lots of people in your trip. Enjoy your moment and please don’t wait another people. Your time is limited and you have to full it with good memories. Enjoy your journey!

If you are questions about the process, you can ask me any time.

Best wishes,


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