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Hello, I’m Beyza, I graduated from Yıldız Technical University Industrial Engineering. I went to Giessen for my Erasmus, which has been my dream since I entered university, in the second term of my 3rd grade in 2018.

Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen

I studied logistics management at Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen. Actually I studied in Friedberg, a smaller city 20-25 minutes from Giessen by train. When I was used to long distances from Istanbul, I did not object to the fact that my country was in Giessen, especially since there is Justus Liebig University, which has made a name in the field of social sciences in Giessen, all Erasmus residents were staying in this city. If you want to learn German, you can register for free evening classes for students. Hearing German every day also gives you a practical training.

Life Standarts in Giessen

Giessen is a student town that includes two large universities and contains 2 large dormitories. Everyone has their own room in the dormitories, and the toilet and kitchen are shared. If you say life is expensive? I think this is a controversial subject. It contains cafes, bars and entertainment venues suitable for every budget. Even if you buy from the market and cook most of your meals yourself and walk around with your coffee-water thermos, everything can be even more suitable for you 🙂

If you are in trouble in the budget, there are also job opportunities where you can only speak English. During my stay, I worked as a security guard at a major fair in Frankfurt-Messe. First of all, consult people around you to learn about these opportunities easily.

Night Life in Giessen

When you think of Germany, the parties that take place on Friday and Saturday evenings come to mind. The most popular ones are dormitory parties, home parties, pubs and bars with different concepts. If you want to have fun until the morning train, Frankfurt is also 40 minutes away by train.

We Visited Lots of Places

As I said in my previous article, whenever we were bored, we would jump on the train and go to Frankfurt to shop and eat. On some weekends, we were visiting other small cities on the train. “Blabla Car” was my biggest supporter on my way to distant cities. I liked to drive it while traveling through Germany, usually the cars I ride were Germans. listen to their everyday lives, germany-making conversations between the turkey was going to be like.

While going to other European cities, we found the cheapest ticket from “Ryanair”. Be careful, when you exceed the baggage length in cheap tickets, even if you save your weight, they ask for additional money, it has been experienced .. Do not have to give money again when you are glad that you bought a cheap ticket.

In Germany, there are long gaps like Easter between terms. You can go to see a European city at every opportunity.


What Did I Learn?

If you live with your family like me and have gone to the city without knowing anyone, this will be a nice turning point for your life.

Since education systems require a lot of individual work, if you want to pass the courses, you can find out in advance which presentation / exam / article assignments you have and make a weighting.

If you hang out with the Germans you can really see the German Way of payment 🙂

Germans also have cold, very hot .. I hope you will always see the friendly ones 🙂

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