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Hi, It’s Sude. I’m studying in Ege University and department of psychological counseling and guidance and I’m about to finish 2nd grade in bachelor. Currently, I’m doing my erasmus Gothenburg, Sweden, University of Gothenburg.

Sadly, I have only a week to get back home 🙁 however, I would love to talk a bit about my experiences here in Sweden. My erasmus time frame was so unfortunate due to the virus as we know. However, Sweden might be the most relax country about the restrictions. So, safe to say that I had more ‘normal’ erasmus experience compared to the other people in different countries. Gothenburg Erasmus

Life in Sweden

Now let me come to the life in Sweden and the other things. I studied in faculty of pedagogy which is called ‘pedagogen’ in Swedish. I actually had 2 options to go on erasmus which consists Sweden and Germany. I chose this country because I wanted to see a different culture from usual European culture and Scandinavian countries were the best options for me.

Sweden’s Life Standarts

As we all know, these countries’ life standards are pretty high for several reasons. People are so relax and open-minded, there are few rules that everybody has to obey and everyone is respectful to each other. The country is quite expensive compared to the other European countries so I can say that doing anything such as tasting foods outside or going to the bars won’t be easy as much for you guys 🙁

Let’s Talk About Accommodation

I had few problems with accommodation and I can recommend you to not try to find an apartment if you are not prepared and doing that in the last minute. Prices of dorms are changeable from 3800 kronas to 6000 kronas (380 €_600€). Apartments also expensive and even if you can find, that could be far from the city center and mostly people rent rooms not the whole apartment. However, no wrong to try it.

Gothenburg Night Life

I can’t say that Gothenburg has a wonderful night life, maybe it’s just because I am in the city during the virus situation and the night clubs are closed. Bars are still open and they are pretty nice I can say. People mostly like chilling and hanging at bars instead of clubs.


My expense is also changeable but I can say that I pay at least 500 euros per a month but it is of course totally up to you. Also, I can’t travel in Europe as I want that’s why I spend my money in the city by doing new and different things. Gothenburg Erasmus

Traveling Other Countries

Before the virus situation I went to Copenhagen and it was amazing. If you are doing your erasmus in a Scandinavian country, I would definitely suggest you to go to the other Scandinavian countries. They are really close to each other. Also, as I said Sweden is really relax with this situation so I had a chance to get to Stockholm and it has also impressed me a lot.

How is the weather in Sweden?

As everybody can imagine, Scandinavian countries are known as the coldest.. and yeah, they are! I’m writing these sentences in June and still I am wearing coats. Can you believe it?

However, it is pretty nice that I’m trying to get used to this weather and when we see the sun we go to swim like Swedish people and the weird and beautiful things about this country is that when it is winter the sun go downs around at 16.00-16.30 and in summers you can’t see the sky all dark. The sun go downs around at 23.00 and it is perfect!


Finally, I would talk a bit about the transportation. In Sweden, people trust each other and there is no force people to do something. If you are good citizen or a person in this country, you can go by your own and buy a ticket for transportation but if you are not (like me) you don’t have a ticket and use the transportation for free! But of course sometimes some responsible people who are called ‘white caps’ control you if you have bought the ticket or not and if you are caught you have to pay 1500 kronas which is 150€. So you guys have to be really careful, otherwise no mercy for you..

Before I Finish

Last thing that I can say that it is an amazing experience even though you are in this virus situation and I feel incredibly  lucky to have a chance to experience and explore this beautiful country. I can say that go on erasmus, it will be fun! Gothenburg Erasmus

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