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Hallo! I’m Merve typing from İstanbul, Turkey. Are you excited to read one another Erasmus’s journey? I feel that you’re going to this amazing journey.

I am a fresh grad from the department of industrial engineering at Yıldız Technical University. I did my Erasmus in my 6th semester in Karlsruhe, Germany. This blog takes me to my memories and makes me smile. If you have any doubts about going abroad alone and live there, please don’t hesitate, just go, live, fun, experience, laugh and cry with farewells..


Why I prefered Karlsruhe,Germany?

Firstly, to be honest, I did not want to go there, Spain was staring at me. J Because I believed that Germans are cold and I won’t probably like its cloudy rainy weather…On the other hand, Germany has the second-best economy, the university language is English and I am an engineer, and also I wondered that what’s the meaning of living with high-quality life standards. Who knows maybe I could live in this country one day? So, I decided to try my chance in Germany. Karlsruhe was a coincidence and it was my luck because the city has been elected as the second livable city where has many international students.

Karlsruhe Wirtschaft und Informatik Üniversitesi

I have studied at  Hochschule Karlsruhe Wirtschaft und Informatik for 6 months. Before going to Erasmus, I was believed that there was no attendance sheet and not important to attend courses. But trust me, the professors are amazing, I took care to not miss my courses, not only me also others!! I think it is a remarkable chance to experience German education to compare to yours.

Money money money

I had a scholarship which was 420euro for each month you stay in 2018 and my family supported me, my total income was around 700euro in each month and it was totally enough to travel, party, supermarket shopping .. I cooked at my dormitory and I barely bought clothes. I spent my money on traveling, parties, weekend activities with my friends.


Accommodation and Transportation

I did the dormitories application by contacting to my university advisor and I was accepted the Nancy Strasse. I was living in a private room with a shared flat. We were 6 students who are mix gendered. Rooms were private, also two baths and one kitchen were common areas. The price was 250euro for each month.

After you register for the city, transportation has no charge for international students during your education. If you can find an internship and need to live there more, it would be better to get a bike. Because tickets are expensive such as 2,5euro for one side by tram.

Nightlife in Karlsruhe

If you’re looking for a party, there’s always been a party. The important thing is what kind of parties you like. I like to play beer pong, drinking beer, some dancing and talking with my friends and meet new people. The best parties in Nancy Strasse and Europahause parties every Wednesday and Friday night. These dormitories have a bar, can you believe it? That’s right. Except for this, there are some discos clubs in the city but ı don’t like it, you can join ESN to have fun there, it would be safer and funnier.

Activities, Places

I lived in Karlsruhe between February and August. The First 2 months was freezingly cold like minus 10 degrees, then the spring came which is “thank god! There are some people outside”, you can socialize more with your new friends and explore some cafe. Last and best season is the summer which was awesome that you could have a picnic, swim in the lake, hiking with groups and barbecues at the rooftop, going to Durlach for the sunset.

I had kind of a weekly plan after a while, Monday is a free day, Tuesday I was going to a cafe calls Besidos at 8 pm because there was a free salsa course, then joining ESN dinner&party around 10.30 pm, Wednesday Nancy Strasse party, Thursday is free or make dinner with my friends like each month try different cultures dish, Friday is a Europahause party day. Weekends for barbecue, picnic, hiking, and get some rest. We watched the Football World Cup 2018 altogether, can you imagine 10 countries people, and Germany eliminated.

I suggest exploring the city activities, once I joined the morning sport in the Schloss where the city center you can lay on the grass etc. Also, I met a friend for yoga… I was only alone for running. All other activities I encouraged myself to meet people and have an unforgettable friendship to last. Karlsruhe Erasmus


Internship Opportunities

My Brazilian and Mexican friends applied for internship programs mostly in Bosch and Daimler Mercedes around May/June for starting August/October for 6 months. Almost all of them got hired. I could not be informed about the internship idea before my Erasmus that’s why ı could not plan that. You should try your chance.

I’d like to share my one big memory.

While playing frisbee, my Chinese friend hit my nose with her forehead. That’s how I broke my nose and looooook I realized I did not bring my AT11 insurance original document with me. Please don’t forget to take your insurance with yourself. Karlsruhe Erasmus

The End Speech

My Erasmus life is the best decision in my life. As you know, there is a real fact in World COVİD19… You remember your international friends and worry about that., they do the same for you. That feels good, better, best to be a world citizen. Live a huge life, go for it!!

After Erasmus

Bonus 🙂  It was not easy to adapt yourself to İstanbul after living in that sort of city you reach the uni by walking through trees and squirrels. Also, I remembered I had responsibilities here unlike Erasmus’s life. However, I had missed my country, friends, family after 6 months. I got a job here but still plan to go back to Germany. I have not lost my contact and still keep in touch with my friends. But I know, nothing will be the same as my Erasmus life. Now, I wonder to read your journey!

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