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Cześć! My name is Gülşen and I am a senior Economics student in Yıldız Technical University. I  was an Erasmus+ student at Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej (UMCS) in 2019 Spring term. UMCS has located in Lublin, which is the ninth-largest city in Poland. lublin erasmus

Why Did I Choose UMCS For my Erasmus Experience?

Lublin isn’t a crowded city but it has 5 universities in it. From here, you can guess it is completely a student city! THAT’S TRUE.

I wanted to go an university which educates Erasmus students in English, to have high GPA which I got it. 3,9 out of 4. (applause) So I had 2 country options. The main reason why I chose there, UMCS ranked as Poland’s most international university, and the fact about Złoty/Turkish Lira. Compare to other European countries Poland was so cheap. Eventhough I was a student with Grant, it made sense to living in such a cheap country and spending my money to travel and having fun.

I had concerns about the city and the university before I’ve been in. But now I can say that this was one of the best cities in my life that any student could live in. lublin erasmus

Where Did I Stay in Lublin?

There are many dorms that you can stay in Lublin. Even UMCS has 9 dormitories which are located near to campus. As I’ve seen, the university allocates Erasmus students just to 2 of them: Femina & Jowisz, the most exclusive ones. I was staying in Femina and paying 455 zł/month. It offers you fully furnished small apartment with 4 people, it was perfect to live in there, it didn’t make me feel like it’s a dormitory room.

How Can I Go To…

Let’s talk about urban transportation! Mostly you can reach everywhere by walking since it’s not such a big city. On the other hand, the city has very organised bus system. I’ve used an app called “Jakdojade” and it was my best friend during that period. (Right side) It shows the best options in a correct way. Also you can buy your bus ticket (one way: 1.60 zloty) in 5 seconds from the app just before you caught by the ticket officer!

Additionally, there is a bicycle service in the city, Netxbike. You need to register for this at tourist office in the center. then you are ready to use this app all over the city, free for the first 20 minutes.

Also, it’s very common to use train especially domestic travels. Since we are students, we have %51 discount on every train ticket inside Poland, with official Polish student ID.

Uwaga Foodies!

There are many supermarkets in city, the most common in use ones:

  • Biedronka
  • Stokrotka
  • Lidl
  • Auchan
  • Żabka

I can not say that Polish cusine will offer various meals to you if you’re coming from a country which has many different types of dishes. But I want a stand of respect for Pierogi from everyone. If you have a chance to go Lublin, please give a try to Sielsko Anielsko for them with a glass of CYDR.

The best ice-cream in my life: Bosko, which located on the Krakowskie Przedmieście like many stores. It can be found “literally” every flavor in this shop.

It was so nice to spending time in cute cafes like Cafe Mari, ParZona; and Bar a Boo was like our second home.

How About Events, Parties, Night Clubs in Lublin?

Since the population of students in Lublin is very high, there’s always an event almost every night in a part of city. It can be an ESN event (they are so active) or an art exhibition, a music concert. For the party animals, the city has perfect places to socialize. Here comes my favourite ones. For a qualilty fun, El Cubano in Helium Club. If you want to pay 3 zl for a beer: Dom Kultury, if you can find any good weather in Poland (I don’t think so but who died for an advise?!) Radość would be a great choice!

Are 5€ Tickets Real?

Yes, they are. It seems not possible but in companies such as Ryanair, WizzAir, Flixbus, RegioJet you will be able to catch those tickets and travel in a very cheap way! I have visited 6 countries, 13+ cities during my mobility. lublin erasmus

Last Words..

Before I’ve been in Europe for 5 months, I was worried about a lot of things about it. I wasn’t sure about how much I will be happy in there.

But now, I am so proud of my decision for going to Erasmus. It was and will stay a very special memory for whole my life. The relationships that you had, the feelings that you felt, the places that you visited won’t turn back, so do not waste any minute of your precious mobility.

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