Night Life in Lodz

Hi to everybody.

I am writing this article to let you know how is the night life in Lodz.

First of all Lodz is the third largest city in Poland, but unfortunately for the “movida” we can find clubs in the main street ,called Piotrkowska and some places little bit far away from the center. I am living in the dorm and it is not favorable positition because is 15 minutes far away from the centre by tram and, consequently really far away from other movida places (35 minutes). Night life in lodz

Don’t worry guys, I will tell you everything following my personal experience.


The list of the main clubs is:

  1. Futurysta
  2. El Cubano (Theatre club)
  3. Prywatka
  4. Lordi’s
  5. Czekolada
  6. Havana

For sure there are other places and clubs, but these are the most important in Lodz. Night life in lodz

  1. Futurysta (ul. aleja Politechniki 7, 93-590 Łódź). That is my favourite place. Unfortunately is near to “politechnika łódzka” , that is 35 minutes far away from “Lumumby kampus” the dormitories stop. To reach the club there are options: tram 15/17 or after midnight   Night bus N7A or N7B, available also to come back. This club is not so big like every club in Lodz, but it is amazing place. The right night is on Tuesday. The music is a mix , don’t expect eletronic music, rock music, but they play what everyone knows, but in remix way. That is really funny if you are in a international group. Sometimes there is El cubano time , let’s say, so only Spanish songs. In general that is the most beautiful club .  I know that everybody wants to know about prices, so usually is 10 zl, but if you are lucky you can fin some parties in which is 5 zl. The clockroom is 3 zl. This place is near also to another pub, really crowded during sunday night. It called Cotton club and all erasmus students go there on sunday because of Karaoke night. It is a pretty and funny night, if you like the company and also sing. And if you are also ready to listen to people that the can’t sing, but for fun, they do xD. Unfortunately sometimes this place is full of Spanish people that are really in “party mood” and they can monopolized the karaoke night.
  2. El Cubano (ul. Gen. Romualda Traugutta 3/11, 90-102 Łódź, near to Piotrkowska ). The place is amazing , really colorful , with fake palm trees inside. This club is monopolized by  mostly Spanish and for a little percentage from Italian people. But generelly who goes has to love Spanish songs ( all the night), in other case stay at home or go to Prywakta, but i will explain you later. This night starts really late because of Spanish people, like around 2 or 3 am. Sometime there is also a vocalist and latin dancer. Usually you can organize a pre-drink in BaseCamp (private dorm where lives the majority of Spanish and Italian people) and from there everyone moves to El Cubano. The perfect night for this club is on Wednesday. The entrance is 10 zl and the clock room is 2 zl.
  3. Prywacta (ul. Andrzeja Struga 8/10, 90-426 Łódź, nearo to Piotrkowska). To be honest i don’t like so much this place. For the first period of the erasmus, it is usually really crowded beacause everyone wants to try a new club, but later becomes the worst one. The place is good, really nice club, but the problem is the music, the dj. They play music like.. how can i say? When you are waiting fot the most important part of the songs, you feel that is coming, but at the end not happens, so that sound is everytime the same. Because of this, the place is not so popular during the erasmus period. My advice is: TRY IT, to have your personal idea.
  4. Lordi’s (ul. Piotrkowska 102, 90-007 Łódź). About this place you can hear different opinions. In mine, it is a really good club, there 2 floors, so bigger than the other clubs. I went twice, one for erasmus party and one for Oscar’s party. The first one was women night, in which they could drink for free unitl midnight. The music is a mix of it, so good music, but not all the people think like this, so is upon on you. In Lordi’s they also organized Oscar’s party. It was an Esn event in which some erasmus students won the oscar about different categories. Of course every party organized by esn has to be good, and it was. Usually the party is on Thurdsay.
  5. Czekolada.  (ul. Piotrkowska 55, 90-413 Łódź) This is the only club that every week is free entry. Everyone gives invitations about this on Thursday. You can find them in everywhere, but if you are in the esn group chat, people show you where you can find them. Personally, i like this club, i like the music, it is again a mix. But you don’t find Spanish songs at all. The place is good, on 2 floors, up it is like a pub , so you can drink , sit and smoke, while down you can dance. Unfortunately is a little space and usually is really crowded ( because is free), so sometimes you will be a little bit annoying from this situation. The clock room is 2 zl.
  6. Havana. Unfortunately i can’t say anything about havana beacuse i didn’t go, but my friends used to go on saturday. I know that every saturday, or sometimes also on Friday they went, so i suppose that is good actually.  I preferred to travel during weekend.


Time to be quiet? Never. Maybe you can rest on Monday, but it is upon you. If you live near the dorms, the best place to spend time with your friends is Hell’s Kitchen, cheap pub with bord games. It can become your second house. Night life in lodz

Anyway Piotrkowska is the main street full of restaurants and pubs.

I can suggest some restaurants like Manekin (everyone loves) for salt and amazing sweet crepes, Forno Nero for the real pizza, Zahir Kebab, Ato ramen.

or some caffeterias like Niebostan, El wedel

or some pub like pop’n art.

Thanks for your reading and HAVE FUN IN LODZ!

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