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Hello guys 🙂 I’m Meltem. I’m studying Chemical Engineering at Yildiz Technical University. I would like to tell you about my Poland Cracow erasmus experiences I went to Poland, Cracow in the spring period.

Why Did I Choose Poland For My Erasmus Year?

I chose Poland because of its location and financially appropriate. Poland is much more convenient in terms of food, accommodation and shopping than other European countries. I was also able to travel to many countries very cheaply and comfortably as it was also neighboring many European countries.

(Cracow – Kazimierz)

I chose to go to Cracow from among the Polish cities. Because as far as I’ve researched, everyone said that Cracow is a very beautiful, historic, charming and entertaining city compared to other cities. (And that’s really true! ) poland cracow erasmus

Where Can I Visit in Cracow?

You can visit many historical buildings (eg. Wawel Castle, St. Mary’s Church, Cracow Cloth Hall) for free. You can also visit museums at a very reasonable price (eg. MOCAK Museum, National Museum of Cracow, Oskar Schindler’s Factory Museum). I highly recommend you to visit the Memorial Museums of Auschwitz and Birkenau. You will see the historical realities in those museums.

(Memorial Museum of Auschwitz)

How Was Night Life in Cracow?

Nightlife in Cracow is quite active. You can have fun in the bars until morning. (Already the bars are constantly filled with students :)) You should try the famous Soplica vodkas of Poland. (Hazelnut flavored is my favorite.) Apart from that, you can enjoy beer – pierogi in many places in cafes on the side streets near the square during the daytime! You can also buy alcohol quite cheaply. In Cracow you can dine in many different cultural restaurants. I’ve tried Polish, Moroccan and Portuguese restaurants. My favorite was the traditional Polish dishes and the famous Portuguese pie. 🙂

coffee traditional-polish-dishes
(Pastel de Nata – Traditional Polish dishes)

You can try Nata at Cafe Lisboa and traditional Polish dishes at the Restauracja ‘Kuchnia u Babci Maliny’.

You can also try these restaurants and cafes:

  • Pizzatopia
  • Chimney Cake Bakery
  • Pod Norenami
  • Awiteks
  • Krakowskie Paczki
  • Costa Cafe

(Cracow – Cloth Hall)

How Was Weather in Cracow?

The weather in Cracow was really quite cold. It rained until the end of May. That’s why you should take lots of sweaters. Poland – Krakow

Where Did I Live in Cracow During My Erasmus Year?

I lived in a dormitory quite close to the center. My dorm room was quite warm. Four people shared a kitchen and bathroom. I paid 375 zloty per month for rent. My home was a 20-minute bus ride from the school.

Let’s Talk About Transportation in Cracow…

Transport in Cracow is usually provided by bus and tram (mostly buses). Since Cracow is an old and historic city, there are no subways, the trams are quite old. But there is a really good bus layout. For transportation you can use the Jakdojade app, which shows bus and tram times. With this app you can also see the buses and trams and stops you need to use.

I hope this information will help you in Erasmus. Have a nice day! 🙂

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