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I went to the city of Wroclaw, Poland, to Erasmus, and of course the economic aspect of it was the part that caught my mind the most. For this reason, I have always been after research before and after I go. I’ll talk about them a little bit.


One of the most important communication tools you need to do before going on Erasmus is to interact with people who are in the same situation as you on social media. I was also going to groups on Facebook and asking people questions. The most important of these were, of course, budget-friendly markets where I could supply the food necessary for my life. So I asked about it and they gave me a few grocery store names. Obviously there are countries like ülkeçap supermarket chain in Turkey, but in Poland province (voivodship) and usually remains limited. Since I went to the city of Wroclaw in the Lower Silesian voivodeship, I learned about the markets like Biedronka, Lidl, Zabka.

However, there may be other markets in other cities. Like Kaufland, auchan. Apart from these, there are big markets such as Carrefour Ikea Tesco. They are also markets with a wide range of products. You can go to these markets and shop.


Expenditures are generally equivalent to a purchasing power as in Turkey. A shopping cart that costs 100 TL is also full there, and it is almost the same. However, some products are very cheap when compared to Turkey, some unnecessary expensive. Meat products are cheap and vegetable products are expensive. In fact, cucumbers are sold with grains or something, but they are a little big. On the other hand, 4 hamburger patties made from 400 grams are priced like 10 zloty and this is incredibly cheap.

For alcohol users, there is no need to talk about it because every European country is cheap, but if there is an issue I can touch on, it is cheaper than the countries that specialize in the type of alcohol. For example, since Poland is a slavic country, vodka is cheaper while wine in Italy is cheaper.


As for the transportation costs, the intercity train system is very developed and widespread in Poland. Since there is not much height in the country, rail systems are made everywhere cheaply and their use is reflected in the price cheaply for this reason. However, I preferred to use cheap buses such as Flixbus, Polskibus, Ekolines, and Eurolines in my travels abroad. Of course, the plane is more attractive than the bus in places with more than 12 hours of bus travel. The companies I used for this, too, were brands such as Ryanair, Wizzair and SAS.

In terms of transportation, I could actually find a bus ticket for 3 euros, but I had a 45 euro bus ticket, which was generally between 20-30 euros. Transportation in northern countries is a little more expensive.

Rail transport in Poland is under the monopoly of a company called PKP Intercity, which is the Polish version of our TCDD. Therefore, the prices are very affordable, but be sure to show your student card at the box office, there are discounts between 25% and 51%. Apart from that, ESN card or ISIC card may also be useful.

There is also a paper ticket in public transportation, but you can also use it with the money loaded on your student card. While a paper ticket costs 1.5 zloty, it also cuts the same fee on the card, but if you buy a subscription, that is, monthly akbil, it is very, very cheap. The event that I like and I wish we had is the periodic subscription. There are tariffs longer than 1 month, and the maximum is 5 months. I bought a 4-month tariff and managed with a paper ticket for the last few days, but instead of printing 1.5 each time, it was like a fee of 0.80 zloty (80 grossze). This 4-month ticket costs 150 zloty. Therefore, instead of pressing 1.5 to 10 times, I saved a lot of money for 4 months and did not pay 100 Euros when there was a search and control. So, don’t pay a lot of fines and cut a small amount of money just to get the illegal building and get it cheap.


Erasmus passes in the dormitory. However, if there is no dormitory, it is not a problem, of course, the advantages of the home environment are many. In general terms, I have a friend who stays in a dormitory with no special features in a place like the village of Poland for a price of 100 zloty per month, but the prices in cities vary between 100 euros and 150 euros per month, which is actually the general European dormitory prices. There are a few dormitories that cost more than 150 euros, but I’ve never heard of it in Poland. Meanwhile, by the dormitory features, I mean the number of people in the room varies according to whether the areas such as kitchen, laundry, toilet and bathroom are shared or not.

House prices are generally higher than 150 euros per month. However, this does not change if the number of people in the house increases. There are homeowners who charge person-based fees.

In some houses, rent is paid to the house, which also means a fee of 100 euros per person per month, which means you can spend home comfort for a cheap dormitory fee.

While traveling, you can usually find a place for 10 euros per night in hostels, but if you stay at a hotel, this situation will change. Also, since some cities are named after a hostel, there is no fee less than 20 euro (eg Paris and Brussels). Since I stay at such prices while traveling, my knowledge is of course, but if I traveled multiple times at the same time, I was sleeping on the bus or at the airport, of course, there is no comfort, but these are the taste of erasmus 🙂

While traveling within Poland, hostel prices are like 10 Euros. However, if you have a familiar friend in a city, you can try to enter the dormitory illegally and spend the night there. While I was on erasmus in Wroclaw, I was putting the friends who came with us into the dormitory secretly; Likewise, when I went to Lublin and even to Vilnius in Lithuania, I went to the dormitory with the help of my friends and spent the night there.


The grant is a non-refundable fee paid by the National agency, divided into departments at universities. Therefore, the grant is very useful. In addition, do not lose your hope if your grant is not at first at the application stage, even after you go, the grant can come to you. The reason for this is that people who gave up despite winning a grant shifted the order to the next one.

Even if you won a grant and left, be sure to have money with you for the first two weeks. Because he can not go to bed right away, though. If the time is prolonged, it would be useful to inform the erasmus coordinator of your school. In this way, they will deposit your grant to you as soon as possible. They are already depositing in one go. Therefore, all the money is in your hands at once. I would say make sure you also get a local card, so you won’t lose your money from exchange rate changes with every purchase. If possible, issue a debit account with zloty and euro account. You can return from erasmus by canceling the card towards the end of the term.

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