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I studied at West Pomeranian University of Technology (ZUT in polish). The semester starts almost end of the February and finishes middle of the June. In my department the teachers were really friendly and well educated. Also, we were generally two or maximum four students in the class. So the classes were so friendly and they tried to help us al lot.

How Did I Arrange Accomodation in Szczecin on My Erasmus Year?

If you are in ZUT, you will probably stay in Ds4, Ds5. I was in Ds4. It is in front of the faculty. Rooms are really small but you can change it to a cozy place, you will have a roommate and you will share a bathroom with your neighbor room. And also, they put people of the same nationality in the same rooms.

How Was Life in Szczecin?

The weather is really cold. Be prepeared for the weather. But in spring it’s almost  okey.

Let’s Talk About Grocery

For grocery, there was a Biedronka near the dorm (But i am not sure if it is closed or not). There is a big Carrefour for shopping. And also there are another Biedronka markets. (Biedronka like Bim, A101) For sundays, you have Zabka, it’s always open.

In general you can walk to everywhere in Szcecin. But if you use the train or bus you should definitely buy the ticket. Also taxi is quite cheap, sometimes we were using for to go to clubs and always to come back to dorm.

There are a lot of second hand shops and they are really cheap. I bought a lot of stuff for 2 zloty.

How Was Night Life in Szczecin?

The night life is really enjoyable and quite active. All clubs have one crowded night and that nights everyone goes there. You know that, in Poland the alcohol is really cheap and that’s why lets drink.

How Did I Travel During My Erasmus Year?

Szczecin is really close to Berlin. It is like 2 hours away from each other.

So i found really cheap tickets for my trips and i had a lot of holidays so i arranged really cheap trips and i visited 22 cities in my erasmus journey.

You can use the train (I think deutsch bahnof), pks(bus) or flixbus to arrive to Szczecin. But you can just buy flixbus tickets from Turkey.

If i did not have time for travelling in the week, i visited cities in Poland. By the way you can buy the train tickets with 51% discount with your student card in the Poland.

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