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Hello everybody,

I’m Güllü. I study at Ondokuz Mayıs University in Turkey. My department is English Language Teaching. I’m an Erasmus student in Poland/Walbrzych at PWSZ The Angelus Silesius University.

Why Did I Choose Walbrzych For My Erasmus Year?

I don’t know if you know this small city of Poland or not but I really do love Walbrzych. I chose this city and university because I generally love small cities. Also, small cities are cheaper than big cities. This is a big advantage for an Erasmus student.

The second reason is that my university in Turkey has a good relationship with PWSZ The Angelus Silesius University. This is the most effective factor to choose PWSZ The Angelus Silesius University for me.

How Was the Living Standarts in Walbrzych?

The living standards are enough in Walbrzych. This city is really quiet and calm. There are just two bars in Walbrzych. So, this city cannot be good choice if you love night life. I love night life but I preferred to spend my money for overseas trip.

I think most people know Wroclaw. Wroclaw and Walbrzych are really close to each other (approximately 1.5 hours by train). So, I was lucky because Wroclaw is one of the best cities in Poland. Whenever I wanted, I could go to Wroclaw easily.

How Was Weather in Walbrzch?

The weather is really nice in Walbrzych in the autumn. Unfortunately, the weather is really cold in winter.

Where Did I Stay During My Erasmus Year in Walbrzch?

I lived in the university dormitory. The dormitory was really nice.

How Much Money Did I Spend?

My monthly expense was about 600-700 zloty(1.100-1.200 Turkish Lira) including dormitory fee. The dormitory fee was 300 zloty(about 480 Turkish Lira) per month.

Which Countries Did I Visit?

I visited eight countries(Poland, the Czech Republic,Germany,Austria,Slovakia,Hungary,the Netherlands and France) in six months. I really loved Slovakia and the Netherlands. Slovakia was really nice country and also cheap although this country uses Euro as a currency. I really admired the Netherlands’ atmosphere as well. It was really nice and different country. For sure, my favourite country is still Poland.


I visited other countries easily. I didn’t have any problem with transportation. I generally used Flixbus (the most famous bus company). Now, I’m still an Erasmus student at  PWSZ The Angelus Silesius University. I had a great chance to travel in the first semester but now I’m in Turkey because of COVİD-19. I continue my education as online from PWSZ The Angelus Silesius University. This is a tough break 🙁


Anyway. I don’t have anything else to say for now. If you have a question about anything about Erasmus, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

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Poland Walbrzych Erasmus

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