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Before I start my post, I would like to thank everyone who made me a better person, who helped me in the darkest times and so on; one of them’s birthday is today, happy birthday “my dear”. Let’s hear a story based on passion, learning, friendship, being an expatriate without any knowledge about Spanish. spain madrid erasmus

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Firstly, I chose the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid to do my exchange for 1 semester. It was simply based on the quality of the university. As a civil engineer, I can recommend UPM with inner peace. Even though I failed on more courses than I passed, the knowledge I took from there was more than I can possibly do here in a semester. That gave me courage also, I will do an internship and who knows, it might be at my home also. 🙂

I am studying civil engineering, which is basically one of the oldest professions in the world. Studying abroad becomes super important at right that point. Ask yourself, do you really know how are your associates deal with problems that you will ever face? Erasmus offers that knowledge on a silver plate. spain madrid erasmus


People in Madrid Are Super Cool

If I choose a word for Spain, it would be flawless. With all of my respect for other countries, you can not compare any country with Spain for having fun. It is based on peace and fun together. People in Madrid are super cool, a bit drowsy but love to welcome outsiders. Living standards are fair, a lot of beautiful houses around the city, fair prices but c’mon. We are students, we have to choose to live in places where it is fun.

How Was Night Life in Madrid?

Nightlife in Madrid is simply tremendous. You are not going to believe that you can see more people in the night than in the morning. The city is living 24 hours alive. Spanish drinks are mostly tasty and cheap. Do not forget about clubs that have happy hours every week. Thank you,  Joy Eslava, Teatro Capital, Le Boutique and other places that I do not remember its names. 🙂 spain madrid erasmus

Which Cities Did I Visit?

I have been to Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla, Cordoba, Valencia, Lisboa, Coimbra, Porto and more. These cities are unique on their way. If I choose a city which I liked the most, it will be Porto right after Madrid. Porqué Madrid es mi amor. 🙂 If I choose a place which is my favorite, it will be Sala Equis. Nice bar with silent movies, amazing people in it. But I have to warn you here. It is not the beauty of the city that will be forever with you, it is the people you meet, friends you made, souls that you want to stay within your entire life. spain madrid erasmus

How Was Weather in Madrid?

Madrid is the fourth most sunny city in Europe, 2769 hours with the sun. Crazy isn’t it? It has 35% of green spaces, beautiful parks. It’s dry, just make sure that you have an air conditioner or you might need to go swimming a lot.

Where Did I Live in Madrid During My Erasmus Year?

I rented a room fully furnished and included everything. I did not see any dormitory, it might be an idea to listen to other people who lived in a dormitory in their Erasmus but trust me nothing makes you better to have a lot of parties at your flat. It is a fair way to meet great people, the experience is talking.

I paid 400 Euros for a fair room, not a big one but it had had everything in it. I had got even my own refrigerator. That is great advice to you guys! If you have any chance, have own refrigerator, you will thank me later. If you do not have enough budget it is not a big deal, you can still have great apartments around the city. I lived in Puerta del Sol, around the corner. On the other hand, if you need to choose money or time, its always time guys. I haven’t been in doubt why I choose an expensive one for a cheap one. Time is priceless.

If you are below 26, a metro card is just 20 Euros for a whole month, includes every vehicle.


Benefits of Erasmus

I tried to give information as much as I can but the best one is coming now. If you come this far, it means you are highly motivated to go abroad for studying. You will never get an invitation from another country to study. Never get a better chance to improve yourself, never get paid without working. It is a challenge that everyone cannot deal with, but don’t underestimate yourself. Living abroad might change a lot of things in your life. You can move to that country, you can learn a different language. Al principio, yo dije que no sabía nada de Español. Things can change. 🙂

You can even get married. This is based on a true story of someone I meet in Madrid, she met a guy on Erasmus, get married afterward and moved to Madrid again. 🙂 I discovered myself, which is the best advice for you. Don’t afraid of revealing truly yourself. Now I am learning Russian, will move abroad after graduation, want to meet extraordinary people again. In the end, you might be the extraordinary person that everyone wants to meet. 🙂 It’s the end of the post, hold tight, your life is just about to begin.

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