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Hi friends, I am Melisa Kellesibüyük and I am studying Chemical Engineering at Yildiz Technical University. I went to Spain for Erasmus during the last semester (2018-2019 Spring). My city was Santiago de Compostela where is in the northwest of Spain. I want to share my erasmus period as much as I can to make your mind clearer about Spain and Erasmus. Spain – Santiago de Compostela

Why Did I Choose Santiago de Compostela?

I chose Santiago because I was considering that learning Spanish seemed interesting to progress my lenguage skills. And Santiago was one of the cheapest cities in Spain. Also I didn’t want to go to Poland or somewhere else only because there are cheap 🙂

Moreover Santiago might be counted as cheap when you compare with Madrid and Barcelona so I didn’t have problem about economical issues that much. I went to supermarket once a week and it cost 35-45 euros more or less.  Also my classes were in English so I felt comfortable to pass them. I got Spanish Course to improve it and get used to city conditions easily.


There is list of supermarket in Santiago de Compostela

  • Froiz
  • Gadis
  • Carrefour
  • Familia

I prefered to go to Familia because it was really close to where I lived. The prices were the same more or less but I suggest you to try different products which are special for the own supermarket.

Where Did I Live in Santiago?

I lived very close to Cathedral of Santiago where is really special and unique for all Christians and Spain. I had one roommate and he helped me a lot about daily life and language. I paid 150-160 euros per month with the bills. My home was quite old but it was in the center of oldtown. I didn’t prefer to stay at dormitory because it was more expensive than living at home. Also I wanted to get experience about sharing the home with someone because I live in dormitory in Istanbul.

How Was the Transportation in Santiago?

In Santiago people walk to get somewhere because it was a pretty small city. I only used buses to go to airport few times. You can go to anywhere by walking and it takes 30-40 minutes maximum. For travelling I used to prefer trains to go to somewhere especially to Madrid because there was limitted flights from Santiago to other Europe cities. It takes 3-4 hours to get Madrid and the tickets from Madrid to Europe was really cheap. By the way, I used to go to train station by walking as always 🙂


Where Did I Visit During This Time?

I had been to 10 different countries and lots of cities. I started with travelling in Spain such as Galicia Region which part of Spain I lived. Santiago is not close to Europe that much so I had to go to Porto or Madrid to access other countries and citis.

I used some applications such as Ryanair, Omio, Flixbus and Wizzair. You can find a cheap ticket easily but it also depens the date when you want to travel. I recommend you to search the tickets a month ago.

My favorite country are Spain and Poland. The architecture of Poland was really impressing. After those cities I can say Italy it is really worth to see.

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