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Cześć! My name is Deniz from Turkey. I am 22 years old and I am studying at the economics department of Yıldız Technical University. Erasmus is an experience where I lived my firsts in many ways. I studied at the University of Wroclaw, Poland. Part of my soul is still in there. Today I want to tell you about my Erasmus during the Corona lockdown! 

university-of-wroclawWhy did I choose Wroclaw?

It is so obvious to understand why I chose Poland. Apart from paper works, Poland is in the middle of Europe so we had a great opportunity to travel around. Also, It has its own currency which is zloty. That means I will be able to live there without struggling to finance myself.

Why did I prefer to do Erasmus during this period?

First of all, the beginning of my Erasmus started normally. I mean nobody expected that this virus would spread all around the world at this speed. In my first month, parties were everywhere! we went out on the town. I can easily say that I was living the Erasmus life described in the legen -wait for it- dary stories. After a while, Corona came knocking to our door…

They put us in quarantine on 12 March. We had to get used to living in this way until the date precautions were reduced and we did! We spent most of our time in the dorm. (Thanks god almost all of my friends were living in the same place) So we have to find a way to reduce our stress and pessimist ideas. We were so worried about our families and this that we left behind our back. I think that’s why we get like a family. In this period, we organized parties in the dorm and played some games. I learnt how to be my own  bartender 🙂 Furthermore, we had a chance to know each others personality and culture deeply. Without quarantine I do not think We could not be connected on this way to each other. I never think to turn back…

Do not worry about your language skills!

As I said before, we were in quarantine and there was no other  way but to talk to each other. Can you imagine that all those strangers had to spend all their time together? Of course there was some difficulties especially for me who do not have good English skills. I needed to check everything from dictionary or talked sooooo slowly. With the support of my friends, I believe that I improve myself not only about language but also about life skills.

Additionally, if you have a chance to do Erasmus, do not let anyone influence you. All you need is a little bravery. Of course, you may face difficulties. However, you will have great memories to remember all your life after taking the first big step. You will turn back as a different person and you will not believe how far you have started. university of wroclaw

Lastly, I am the one that is so thankful to met all those incredible people and had amazing memories. I feel super lucky to have all of this. I hope we will meet again somewhere in the world! 

I will write about experiences deeply very soon, until that time Do widzenia! university of wroclaw

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