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Hi guys! My name is Melih. I study enviromental engineering in Yıldız Technical University. I went to Wroclaw, Poland with erasmus program and I took the first step to one of the turning points of my life.

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

I preferred Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. I knew that this university is one of the top 10 schools in Poland so it is succesfull. And I thought that it is a benefit for me.

Accommodation in Wroclaw

When I was there, I stayed at dormitory. Dormitory was nice, thanks to God, so adapdation process was easy for me. Also, dormitory heating system was working good. Poland is located in North so the weather was cold but my friends who have been in Poland during 1 year told me that the weather was very nice in Spring 😀

How Did I Arrive to Poland?

I went to Poland with bus from Berlin. As soon as I crossed the border, roads were bad and the bus was shaking, so I felt unhappy but even though, I would like to say that Poland is a beautiful country. Especially Wroclaw city was very rich in terms of historical places since it changed hands by many kingdoms and states, and today it was a student paradise, so I felt comfortable with the majority of areas for young people.

In addition to traveling in other European countries, there were many places to visit in the city and in Poland, and although I thought I was visiting the important parts, I still had to return when there were still many places to discover.

How Much Counrty Did I Visit During My Erasmus Semester?

I went for a 5-month period in the fall of 2018. Since I knew my period was limited, I traveled alone, even without much effort to plan with the people I met there. Although I fit 17 countries in this five-month period in total, I could not add the 18th country due to the fact that one of my classes remained buffered. Wroclaw Erasmus

Let’s Talk About Lessons

Speaking of lessons, they are very easy. The Professors there are more comfortable than you know, use your own student, come and go. However, some professors, such as the make-up exam that I have experienced, can be challenging regardless of students. I chose 9 lessons and only 1 was like that, so there is nothing to be afraid of. We have already received a file grant, it is enough to give 80% of the lessons. If you couldn’t, they want your grant back. So go to classes, friends, sometimes it might be good to take a break from parties 😀

Erasmus and Travelling

Of course, traveling is important. It was very important for me to go somewhere and see a country every weekend. It is very nice to visit Europe in the 20s, to scratch this into our minds and I recommend it to everyone. My favorite city was Budapest, and my favorite was Brussels. While Copenhagen was the place where I felt my prosperity until my marrows, the city I met the most Turkish was Amsterdam.

My Advises About Transportation

My advice to you in terms of transportation, follow the rules friends, criminal sanctions are with money and very high money. Also, my other recommendation is to use ESNCard, ISIC Card and the student card that the school gives you. Wroclaw Erasmus

Nightlife in Wroclaw

Nightlife is very convenient in Wroclaw. I enjoyed it incredibly because the streets were quiet and the places were full of students. Also, friendships from other schools are increasing in these places.

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